Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thoughts of a Day

My Original Photography

Thoughts of a Day 

Coffee in hand
Front row parking
The day begins

I jump into my day
One hour leads to three
A comfort, long awaited 

A yearning to do well
New co-workers lending a hand
Contentment abounds

Daydreams of hope
Staying focused
Reaching for the stars 

My heart is still broken
A song reminds me a wonderful brother
A tear falls as I drive along a busy highway

Blue skies above me
A single cloud with rays of light
Guide me home

Holding fond memories close
Carrying him with me each day
A wish for a happier future


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Soulfully Satisfied Saturday ...


                                                                                                                      My Original Photography

Soulfully Satisfied

Just a few words that come to mind thinking back on the past week ...

It has been quite sometime since the stars seemed to align properly ...

I accepted a new office position
The work
The people
The comfort
This journey 
All feel "right"

I am grateful beyond words
On yet, a new path
I need to believe in myself
Knowing I have grown over the years

... Perhaps for this moment in time

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Morning Coffee ...

Sitting with my morning coffee
Thinking of days ahead and gone by

A friend is moving away
The place, that has been calling her
Anxious to hear of new adventures
She will be truly missed

I, too, will begin again 
Heading down a different path
Hoping to grow roots this time
Reaching for dreams

It has been seven months 
Since our lives changed forever 
Each day we awake
Asking for a better understanding

Looking ahead
To fuller days 
Richer moments 
Special Times