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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introduction to Letters Across the Miles

"Letters Across the Miles"
Jennifer Belthoff & Kristine Dubuque Ortega

Jennifer Belthoff and I have decided to collaborate on a Virtual Pen Pal Adventure. We will be bringing back the old fashioned feel of letter writing with a modern day twist. We both feel this is a lost treasure, so we have decided to try it virtually on our blogs. (You can find Jennifer's blog - Giggling in the Rain @ 
It is fabulous !!!

Jennifer's blog has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. She speaks from the heart, which I feel there is no better place to write from. Even though, we have never met in person - I am proud to call her a friend. I enjoy your writing, photography and blog. She is very likeable, Instantly!

Please visit Jennifer's blog to view the first letter in our journey.  We will be writing back and forth to each other each Tuesday. She will write to me on her blog, and I will respond on mine. We will be discussing many different topics from new books, to vacations, to daily finds, to making dreams come true. 

Please join in our newfound journey ... 
We are excited to share our thoughts with all of you ... 
Stay Tuned for more on Letters Across The Miles ...