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Showing posts from June 30, 2013

Living in the Moment - Inner Voices

I am currently taking Susannah Conway's JOURNAL YOUR LIFE and LOVING IT!  Each week we have been working through different ways to journal ...

Sure, There is writing, getting our thoughts down on paper and out of our head but we have gone a bit deeper in this class. We have acknowledged childhood memories, self awareness, nightmares, daydreams etc ... This is the second course from Susannah that I have taken, and it will not be my last ...

This brings me to the reason I attached the above picture from PinTerest, it really spoke to me. Why are we afraid of speaking our truth? Fearing what others will say? What others will think? I used to feel this way, I no longer do. I am glad I have arrived here. In a safe place.

I have a routine of writing each day - Whether it is a journal entry, a blog post, write poetry or just getting some outlines down on paper - to use in the near future ... It frees me of my day, it feels as natural as breathing now ... What makes you feel this way?