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Letters Across the Miles ... A New View

Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to tell you that I  continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts regarding your Nana. I believe that "Time" helps us to heal. "Time" aids us to move on, rebuild and renew.

Congratulations on "FEAST OF WORDS" !!! ... Your home gathering of great company, writers, and making special  memories ... I so hope your dream of "Taking it on the Road" comes true - I would love to take part in your vision that has come to life ... I so wish I could have been there ... Please know that I was there, in spirit ... I would love to see pics of that night ... If you have some to share. 

It was a real pleasure to see how you and Dustin enjoyed attending your first Mets game of the season - Nice that you both have the same vision, to see as many fields, as you can. Nice when we can find a common interest! (Loved your pic, By the way!)

Yes, May is our annual "Kick Off to Summer" Getaway to Maine ... We have been going to Maine …