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Saturday, February 7, 2015

46 Lessons I Have Learned ...

46 Lessons
I Have Learned Over The Years ...

You Can Always Rely On Your Parents
Choose a Great Partner
Pets Make a House a Home
Make Choices That Feel Right
Any Size Home Can Be Cozy
A Smile Can Change Everything
Welcome New Ideas
Love Others While They Are Living
Book Smarts Do Not Equal Street Smarts
Remember Where You Came From
It All Comes Down To Love
Common Sense is NOT So Common
Solitude Gives Answers
A Good Cry Is Needed At Times
Try, Try and Try Once Again
Use the Gifts You Have Been Given
Spring and Fall are Always Welcome
Hold On To Childhood Friends
Cheer For The Underdog
Ice Coffee Is a Real Treat
Being Outdoors Brings Clarity
Keep An Open Mind
Spend a Bit More for Better Quality
Start The Conversation
Listen To Your Inner Voice
Create Each Day
Say Good Morning To Strangers
Make Time For The Things You Love
Journal Your Thoughts
Take Each Opportunity You Are Given
Find Your Niche
Photograph Special Moments
Try To Always Be Your Better Self
Be The First To Say Hello
Listen To What Speaks To You At a Young Age
Chocolate Is Always The Right Answer
Learn To Forgive
Never Give Up
Do Not Let This World Make You Bitter
Be a Good Listener
Sometimes All It Takes Is a Manicure
Give Everyone a Second Chance
Never Apologize For Being You
Read Books You Enjoy
Accept That You Make Mistakes
Appreciate a Rainy Day