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Showing posts from January 1, 2012

Picture Frame Friday ...

So, These are the benefits of having your own blog - Usually, On Fridays it is Poetry Friday but I wanted to change things up a bit.

I thought I would write regarding a question I have been asked quite frequently these days. How do I decide the a photo is worth taking? Or how do I know that it will be a good shot?

I came across this photograph (above) and thought this would be perfect to help me explain. Many times I have an imaginary frame in my mind of what I want my photo to look like. Off to the left a bit, off to the right, etc -

I also tape the LCD display before I go out shooting. I learned this years ago, and it has really improved my work.  (It keeps me shooting - An average shoot on any given day is approximately 100 shots.)This way, I do not waste time checking photos. It forces you to save that work for when you return home. This way, you are not deleting pictures that may please you on the computer, but not in the camera.

Hoping these tricks and tips help you, like they …

Whimsical Wednesday ...

Over the past few days, I have been reading friends blogs speaking of what they expect in the New Year. Some have resolutions, some have wishes of a creative year ahead, while others just hope that it is a good year for all.

I thought Whimsical Wednesday was a good time to ask what wish would you have, if you could have anything come true? I think I would like to have met my Dad's Mom. I wish I would have had a bit more time with my Mom's Mom. I think I could have learned so much from these incredible women.

Looking forward to hearing from you ...

Create is my Word ...

CREATE ~ is the word I chose for 2012, as many of you already know. I hope to CREATE more with my photography and writing this year. Breakthrough some fears, and share my work with others.

I hope to write for someone other than myself - Perhaps I could write a column (as I did years ago, and loved it!) OR write more poetry to be published OR get my photography submitted to a gift shop to sell as stationery ... I am thinking of new ways to make this happen ... New ways to CREATE.

What does a New Year make you think of? What do you hope for in 2012? 

Happy New Year - A Year in Review ...

Happy New Year ~ 2012 ~ I thought I would look back on 2011 in this post ~ A Year in Review ~ It was a rough year for many of my family and friends ~ My wish this year is for all the people that have been hurting return to normal living - Get offered jobs, be able to start saving again, be free of so much worry.

My word for them is BELIEVE. To have faith. To move forward. To stay strong.

What do you wish for in the New Year?