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Showing posts from April 10, 2016

April Love -- Day Fifteen ...

Dear Shadows, I have come to appreciate you. Without you, there would be no light. Light has become a major part of who I am. In my photographs, in my thoughts, in my life. The shadows are where the truth lies. The light and the dark. The balance. The root. The core. Where new ideas are born. Where the courage lies. Where strength grows. Where we become alive. Where we find ourselves. The parts that are shown and hidden. The words that resonate inside of me. Our foundation. The ebb and flow. I am glad you exist. You are my twin. That walks beside me and reminds me I still have much living to do.

April Love -- Day Fourteen ...

Dear Courage,
You never fail me. You may be dormant. Suspended. In a deep sleep. Inactive. Resting for when I call on you. To give me strength. You reawaken and push me to keep looking forward. You never allow me to stay down. You let me process, but then it is forward facing and no looking back. You restore the faith I need to have in myself. You bring me back to life. Renewing the layer of self confidence that had been lost. Reminding me I deserve better. Coaching me to trust in what I know. Reconditioning me. Repairing what has been broken. Cheering me on when I lose momentum. Smiling on me when I have done my best. You walk beside me as a companion. Placing a hand on my shoulder when I need one. Wiping the tears when they come. Encouraging me to look at the larger picture. Please remain with me in the upcoming years, I have confidence you will be there.

April Love -- Day Thirteen ...

Dear Senses,
What would I do without you? Not being able to touch someone. Not to feel a gentle breeze. Not to hear the music I love. Not to see the ocean. Not to know what it smells like after a rainstorm. I realize you do not miss what you never had, but life would not be as fulfilling. The beauty in nature. Sunrises. Sunsets. To enjoy holding a newborn. Giving our pets attention. The hug from another human being. A gentle kiss. A soft blanket. Seeing a rainbow. Hearing a child laugh. Fresh snow. Crispy Autumn leaves. The chill in the air. Having a sixth sense. Just knowing things are going to happen before they do. I feel I have always had this. I consider it a gift. It never steers me wrong. I am grateful for all of these senses. All of them combined makes the world more colorful, beautiful and inviting.

April Love -- Day Twelve

Dear Future Me, I feel you will have your moment. When you feel as though, you have made it. To find where you belong. Doing what you love. It will all be worth it, the disappointments, and losses. Your heart will be filled with joy. Just feeling comfortable, less worry, more play. To have the means to do more for the ones I love. To fulfill lifetime dreams. Take that trip to Australia and hold that koala. Taste something new. Hear unfamiliar sounds. Smell a rainforest. Photograph the perfect sunrise. Write about being in the most spectacular of places. Go and find that pot of gold …

April Love -- Day Eleven

Dear Hunger, I feel your tug when I am consumed with life. As if I am missing a meal for my soul. You are the Aquarius side of me who wants to be free. To go against everything I have known. To grow wings. To learn more about myself on a different level. Uncovering layers. Finding my real purpose. Doing what makes me soar. As time goes on, more pieces to my puzzle appear. What I am meant to do. Reasons I am here. Intentions that need to be clarified. Strength that needs to be shown. To make dreams come true.

April Love -- Day Ten

Dear First Love,
I remember the first glance. The smell of your cologne. It always told me if you were present, even before I saw you. From the moment I noticed you, I felt I was on a mission to get to know you better. You had just returned from vacation. Tanned. Wearing a new pairs of jeans and a red polo shirt. We left the Harvest Dance and Prom early because you needed to study. Years later this would all serve you extremely well. How I waited for your call. Waited for you to notice me.  Hoped you were capable of liking me more than just a friend. Our friendship turned more serious, but the passion was never reciprocated. You lived in a world of numbers and detail, while I lived strictly by emotion. You were driven, and I was carefree. It would take years before I realized we were too different to sustain a relationship. I feel a part of me always knew you were not capable of being the person I so needed you to be. The breakup was difficult, as they all are. I cut my hair short, m…