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A Year In Photos 2015

Merry Christmas To All ...

Merry Christmas To All Our Family & Friends ... 
Wishing All Of You Health & Happiness During This Holiday Season
Cheers To A New Year Upon Us
I Hope You Continue To Follow Me Through Another Year  
Much Love,

A Few Things That Are Inspiring Me ...

A Few Things That Are Inspiring Me ... 
A Revisited Hobby: 
Visual Journaling  A way of documenting images that speak to you. You can use journals, sketchbooks or notebooks to house your findings. You can neatly paste them, cut them perfectly or just rip them out and add them into a book for you to view whenever you feel you need a creative pick me up! (Hope to share some pics of my new visual journal in an upcoming post!).
A New Favorite Magazine:
Bella Grace has amazing photography, interesting articles and pages that ask the reader to answer questions for self improvement. A modern magazine that I have fallen in love with! 
And ...
A Few Books:
The Little Book of Mindfulness by Dr Patrizia Collard  A book that tells the story of how mindful living began years ago and how it is looked at today. Exercises for your mind and body, and ways of finding peace in your life. 
The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal  This book gives you a prompt to create a list - One for every week of the year. Many …

Breakthrough ...

Looking into a glared mirror Brown eyes viewing many smile lines  That remind me of the stories they hold  And the miles my feet have taken me 
Moments come and go in my mind  Tears rolling down my pink cheeks  Realizing I have such a long way to go  Striving for the best version of myself 
These moments live within me  Some snapshots have been silenced  In a busy world that never goes quiet Times that will never be erased 
I have visited calming spaces  Walked stone covered beaches  Sang songs as loud as I could  To find a way to breakthrough 
My colored lips remain closed  To keep all of my words in Becoming a gatekeeper of my world Until I can view the light easier
Finding calm in the everyday  Rain that cleanses all Blue skies that bring us hope  A new season bringing us into a new year 

New Photography To Share ...


My Original Photography

A warm cup of coffee Journal entry for the day A football game in view
Welcoming a new season Rumors of snowflakes in the air Time to change over the closets
Exploring audio book finds Adding to my Fall wardrobe New poetry to be written
Enjoyable family visits Fall festival activities Returning to a cozy home
Purring to my side Afghans added for comfort A look ahead to Monday


My Original Photography


Cars rushing by
Emotions run through me
Finding strength in the ordinary

Not asking for favors
Guidance would be appreciated
Walking in unknown territory

Snapshots over time
Looking ahead to years end
Perspective is humbling

Autumn air lingers
Awakens the heart of me
Forever my favorite season

Crave being outdoors
Leaves crushing at my feet
Nature in its finest moment

Seeing light in a whole new way
Love is found around each corner
This warmth brings me to my knees

Reflection ...

Photo Credit - My Original Photography  

As I sit and reflect on past days
Only certain words come to mind

Others placing their lives on hold
To help, In a time of need

Strength that I have never witnessed
Family connections that began years before

Siblings that could rule the world
Strength from a place, deep inside

I will never forget this time
A self promise of paying it forward
To Return
To Give Back

A  Diverse Vision
A New Perspective
A New Lease on Life

Traveler's Notebook 101

Photo Credit - Speckled Fawns
I have always been a lover of stationery, but my newest obsession is the Traveler's Notebook.

As pictured above, this notebook is made of leather, can hold up to 8 notebooks and a few other inserts. Inserts can range from folders, to zip pockets, to picture holders. The amazing feature is that all these notebooks and inserts can slide out and easily be placed into another similar notebook. (Notebooks having just a sewn spine to easily crease and remove).The changeability of ease, is so great. At times I only want to take a few things with me, other times I would like to take everything!

You can use this as a planner, journal, sketchbook, art journal, scheduler, etc. Each notebook can be used for each aspect of your life - Fitness, Health, Kids Schedules. Etc ...

This notebook originated in Japan as the Midori Traveler's Notebook. This is the real notebook. All others that have followed are faux midori's but beautif…

Inner Excavation Sharing ...

Today I decided to do something that I do not usually do. I wanted to share some of the work from a class I am currently taking.
Here are some short poems I wrote in Liz Lamoreux's  INNER EXCAVATION online course.
This is from Week 1 - Entitled, Just Write ... 
4 Prompts Given To Start  ... 
I Begin ... I Am ... I Stand Alone ... I See a Man  
I Begin … Each morning with a cup of coffee Giving my brain a jump start  Preparing me for the day ahead  Usually a traffic filled ride  Horns blaring  Grateful for good music  Thoughts swirling in my head  Wondering what the day will bring  Thinking of weekend plans ahead 
I Am …  A modern day woman with an old soul Seeker of authenticity in all things  One who continues to believe A wide eyed explorer  In search of the next best photo  Or words that will resonate After I am gone 
I Stand Alone ... With my unique ways of thinking  In a world with no steadfast rules  At times, in a room full of people  With my feet firmly planted  Surrounde…

A New Journey Begins ...

Much Has Transpired Since My Last Post ...  Some Good News ... Some NOT So Good ... Some Ups and Certainly Some Downs ...
The Ingredients That Life Offers Up To All Of Us ... 
The doors that have recently closed for me have thrown open new ones. I have been given time to shift my attention to a new passion of mine.  Conceptual Photography. 
Recently, I took Catherine Just's "Begin Deepening"  10 Day Online Course ... Conceptual Photography is very new to me. It seems to have come along when I needed it most. I am easing into this new art form with comfort. I find it aligns with my love of writing and storytelling
Here Are a Few Examples 
Self Portraiture- The Real Me 
Storytelling -The New Journey Series
Self Reflection - Only Words
What doors have opened for you lately?  I would love to hear from you ... 


Photography by Kristine Dubuque Ortega 

Rest when the body asks for it 
Eat, play and explore
Always be alert 
Ask for comfort when needed 
Adapt to change
Welcome others with gladness 
Enjoy nature's surprises
Chase after what you want
Take time to get pampered
Use the sun as a source of heat 
Pounce on good opportunities
Let go of what no longer satisfies
Take breaks 
Ponder for a moment or two
Find the place in the world that suits you 
Appreciate the simple things 
Show gratitude 

Glance Into the Month of May ...

It seems when we need an escape, we head off to the ocean.  A place where we can reconnect to after a long winter season.  The first trip is always the most meaningful to me. 

All Photos taken by Kristine Dubuque Ortega

Early Morning Thoughts ...

Early Morning Thoughts ...


I awake to hear tires on the pavement ...

I feel a cat paw on my hand ...

My husband sleeping soundly next to me ...

Is it Sunday?

Or will the beeping begin going off soon?

No, It is the weekend - One more day before the routine begins ...

Thinking of things that need to get done ...

And how I seem to fall short lately ...

I am glad that I have kept up with on-line classes

That I thoroughly enjoy ...

If they could only make housework

Just as pleasurable ...

Trying to incorporate a few more hours into each day ...

And an extra day on the weekends ...

Needing to start benefiting from the extra daylight hours ...

My mind turns to how we need clothes for upcoming family events ...

How I need wrapping paper, self tanner, nails manicured, etc ...

I dose back off to sleep ...

Noticing the alarm clock in the early morning light ...

3:52am ...

Live What You Love ...

A Few Things I Love ...
Morning Coffee
A Favorite Song On The Radio
Coming Across a Great Quote
Sharing a Hearty Laugh
Collaborating with Other Artists
Spending Time With My Family
A Warm Shower 
Returning to The Old Ways of Doing Things
Visiting a New Bookstore
The Comforts of Home
Replacing Hot Chocolate for Lemonade
Watching a Favorite Movie
Going from Winter Boots to Sandals 
Finding an Unexpected Photo Opportunity
Hearing From An Old Friend