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Showing posts from July 21, 2019

Summer Update ...

It has been a short while, so I thought I would catch you up on what has been happening! 
Summer began with a few major surgeries (and worries) in our family. I am happy to say we are on the other side, observing small steps to better health. We still have a few more hurdles to go, but we are able to see the finish line. We are so grateful!

In the chaos of it all, I have tried to "stay in the moment". I have been taking a few photos to notice the simple things around me to keep me grounded.

Photography by Kristine 
I have also been making an effort to "up" the number of books I read this year. My current count is 16. I have set a goal of "50" books by year end. My new found love is audio books. I have to admit, I was the one that said they would never be a good fit for me. I stand corrected. I realize there is a debate on if audio books are "really reading" compared to holding a physical book - But neither here or there, it is an enjoyable way t…