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New Year Lists & a Surprise

This is the time of year that I started thinking of "What I Can Look Forward To" and "What I Can Let Go Of" ...  The end of a year is for reflection and moving forward. I find myself stronger with a will to move away from what weighs me down, and to change direction towards people and places that make me feel light. Here is "My List" of What I can Look Forward to in 2013  Blogging  Poetry Writing   Photography  And ... The Release of my First Published Original Poetry/Photography Book Yes, The last item has been in the works for awhile now, but I can now share this news with all of you. I hope it can be completed and released in the beginning of the year.  A Wonderful Way to Kick Off the New Year!  Here is "My List"of What I can Let Go Of in 2013  Negative People Low Self Confidence Bad Habits  Doubt  Looking forward to seeing "Your Lists" ... 

A Year in Photos