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Showing posts from November 8, 2015

Breakthrough ...

Looking into a glared mirror Brown eyes viewing many smile lines  That remind me of the stories they hold  And the miles my feet have taken me 
Moments come and go in my mind  Tears rolling down my pink cheeks  Realizing I have such a long way to go  Striving for the best version of myself 
These moments live within me  Some snapshots have been silenced  In a busy world that never goes quiet Times that will never be erased 
I have visited calming spaces  Walked stone covered beaches  Sang songs as loud as I could  To find a way to breakthrough 
My colored lips remain closed  To keep all of my words in Becoming a gatekeeper of my world Until I can view the light easier
Finding calm in the everyday  Rain that cleanses all Blue skies that bring us hope  A new season bringing us into a new year