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Showing posts from February 13, 2011

Saturdays ...

Saturdays ... Somehow they are the best day of the week for me ... The only morning, I can take my time and really enjoy a cup of coffee, perhaps watch a tv show that I had taped during the week or just flip through a magazine I have been meaning to look at ... Weekends will forever be cherished!

Beginning of the Weekend!

It is Friday evening as I type this ... I want to add more and more of my original photography to my page - It is a long holiday weekend, so I thought I would start with this picture from my birthday bouquet ... Turning this photo into black and white just made it more pleasing to the eye ... What is it about black and white? Just love it!

My New Inspiration!

This is my "New Inspiration" ~ I have been trying to broaden my creative ways, so I purchased a Buddha Board (a board you can paint on with water and a paintbrush - and your image erases minutes afterwards, so you can create again ...). I am thinking of finding a special place in my office for it, so I can try new images, phrases etc on a daily basis! I have also been interested in mixed media and collage. I have ordered some books from many wonderful artiststs on Facebook that have gotten my creative juices really flowing! I am anxious to start to create ...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day ...

HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY ... Hoping everyone had a wonderful day of hearts, love and joy!  I wanted a memento a Valentine's Day - So I saw this wonderful Handmade Heart Fob on Etsy from Hibou Cards - It was adorable online, but even more so when it arrived at my home!  This type of craft wants me to buy a sewing machine and ask my Mom over to teach me how to use it - Like yesterday ... Love things like this!