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New Year Lists & a Surprise

This is the time of year that I started thinking of "What I Can Look Forward To" and "What I Can Let Go Of" ... 
The end of a year is for reflection and moving forward. I find myself stronger with a will to move away from what weighs me down, and to change direction towards people and places that make me feel light.

Here is "My List" of What I can Look Forward to in 2013
 Blogging  Poetry Writing   Photography  And ... The Release of my First Published Original Poetry/Photography Book
Yes, The last item has been in the works for awhile now, but I can now share this news with all of you. I hope it can be completed and released in the beginning of the year. 
A Wonderful Way to Kick Off the New Year! 
Here is "My List"of What I can Let Go Of in 2013 
Negative People Low Self Confidence Bad Habits  Doubt 
Looking forward to seeing "Your Lists" ... 

A Year in Photos

Happy Holiday Season!
During this time of the year, I am brought back to childhood memories. Christmas Eve at my Grandmothers' house, finding a christmas stocking at the end of my bed, having my gifts lined up on one side of the tree - while my brothers' were lined up alongside the other on Christmas Morning ... 
My folks always made our holidays special ... 
Hard to believe that my nephews are now young men. Also hard to believe that my youngest nephew is also growing up. I remember visiting the hospital when they were just born. 
Looking forward to seeing both sides of our family on Christmas Day. 
What are  your Childhood Christmas Memories? Traditions? What are you finding hard to believe? 

France - Part Trois

France - Part Trois 
I have been asked to show a few more pics and to tell of a few more adventures in France. 
This photo was taken during another walk on Point Vieux, in Biarritz. It was a beautiful day, the sun high in the sky with the ocean all around us. Beautiful houses hugged the oceanfront, as I stopped every five feet to photograph. I still think back and feel that somehow that week in France, was a dream.

This is another view from across the walking paths. I fell in love with this building. We later found out that it is an apartment building. It amazed me, because it looked more like a castle to me.

This is a pic from the day I went to Saint Jean de Luz. A beautiful area with shops & cafe's, that border the ocean. This is the street where I had lunch a local pub.

This is one of many entryways I photographed. I love the old fashioned wrought iron on the windows, and the array of colored doors ...They all offer a different flare!

Thank you for asking to see more from…

France - Part Deux

Welcome to Part 2 of Biarritz, France
On this particular day I took a taxi into town - To my surprise I overheard a window washer speaking English - I approached him and asked where the nearest cafe was (in French), and he said, "American? English? How can I help?" ... I was overjoyed! ... He directed me and I was on my way.  I walked a block or two and found a quiet outdoor cafe to write some poetry and to also update my journal entries.

I was able to sit at two different cafe's on this day ... First I enjoyed breakfast and did some writing, then moved on to walking through downtown, up and down side streets, shooting photos ... I could have done this for hours on end ... The second cafe I visited the waitress did not speak any English, needless to say this was an interesting conversation. With a limited vocabulary in French, to my surprise I was able to get by.

Most people around me, speaking only French. I hear construction going on behind the cafe. The large buildi…

Bonjour - Return from Biarritz, France!


I have returned back from my first official trip to Biarritz, France. A coastal city with so much to offer ... I would return to this oasis in a mere moment!

Our travels brought us from Boston to Munich, to Toulouse France, to board a five hour train ride to arrive in Biarritz, France - All in one day- Whew! I have to say, I enjoyed the journey to arrive at our destination.

So fortunate to spend five incredible days in Biarritz, France. Also to visit Saint Jean de Luz (a famous shopping center), and Downtown Biarritz.  This adorable city offers cafe's, restaurants, shopping, beautiful scenery and a breathtaking views.

This photo above was from my second day, on my own, typing away at a French Cafe'. An item I can now cross off my "Bucket List" ... It still feels like a dream in so many ways ...

More to come from this exciting escape ...

Welcoming Fall - My Favorite Season

( I realize I am a bit anxious - But I truly cannot wait ...)
This makes me think of so many "Good Things in Life" ...  Brings back The Patriots (Football in New England),  Comfort Food, Cooler Weather, Zip-Up Sweatshirts, Crock Pot Dinners etc ...  I could go on and on. 
The photos above are my original photos, taken in and around the Western MA area ...  New England shines in the Fall - It is the best time to come and see what our state has to offer!
By the way, What is your favorite season and why? 

I Heart Books ...

As I am sure, most of you are familar with the website - This is where the above the photo was found. It amazes me that I had no desire to read anything more than assigned while I was in school, and now I cannot have enough books!

I am currently reading WILD MIND - Living The Writer's Life by Natalie Goldberg. I am loving it. I just finished WRITING DOWN THE BONES by this same author. I enjoy her style of writing. I need to research her backlist. 

What are you reading now? What fuels your creative spirit? What genres do you find yourself going back to, time and time again?

Make Way for Mr & Mrs Geese & Family

Feeling Light ...


Ever since I submitted my work to my publisher, I have been in full throttle mode to create.

The photo above is from a Magnolia Tree that we had in a past backyard. I recently found this photo and wanted to share it with you.

Life is full of ebbs and flows ... 

I have been writing, everyday. I either write a poem, short essay or continue to work on a novel I started over a year ago. I like how creativity hits me like different seasons. Some weigh us down (this is how I feel regarding humidity) while others life us up (Springtime!)!

What makes you feel "Light"? I would love to know ... 

Find a Shady Tree ...

This Quote Made Me Think ... 
When was the last time you sat under a shady tree to keep cool?
Built a sandcastle?
Drove with the windows down?
Ate Cotton Candy? 
I am glad to say I have done a few things on this list, Recently ... But I wish I could say I have done more off of the list above ... 
These are the Simple pleasures in life ... I think we all need to start living a bit more ... I am not saying, to do expensive days out ... 
  Simple Pleasures ... 
 Bake Cookies  Count The Stars  Smores 
When was the last time to bought yourself for under $10? 

Discovering Our Own Path

I read this quote online this week and I have to say, it stayed with me. James Van Praagh reminds of that we need to live life fully. Each Day. Everyday.

I will be the first one to admit, it is not always easy to live fully. Life brings happy moments, sad times, exuberance and grieving. We never know what each day will bring.

If we look ahead that is where I usually find my pot of gold. I am not saying to wish away the days in between, but the light at the end of the tunnel gives me hope. A softer place to land.

Where are you headed? What do you see at the end of the tunnel? How bright is it?

Just Letting Go ...

Today was the day I sent my original photography and original poetry to my publisher, for my upcoming photography/poetry book. To think, I will be a published author. It feels surreal, almost too good to be true. I need someone to pinch me and remind me that it is not a dream. I have "Let Go" of my work and sent it out in confidence to my wonderful publisher, Don Odom. I met him back in 2006 and I am so glad that he has remained in my life. He is a true gentlemen, extremely smart, funny and I am lucky to call him a friend.

I have been reading many other blogs lately, and others seem to give their readers a bit more information about themselves. I have taken this in, and I am ready to share more. So telling you about my soon to be published book is my first step.

When was the last time you "Let Go" of something? Perhaps hurt feelings, or just freeing yourself that is weighing you down ... I would love to hear all about it!

Stop for a Minute And Smile

I am currently reading THIS I KNOW by Susannah Conway and in her book she mentions doing this (and so many other incredible ideas that I hope to do) to make your readers a bit more informed about the writer of  the blog they are reading ... So here goes: 

10 Things You May Not Know About Me
1.  I have loved photography since I received my first camera. 
2.  I started writing poetry at the age of fifteen.
3.  I played the accordion, as a child. 
4.  I have always loved getting my nails done. 
5.  I love romantic comedies. 
6.  I love a great movie!
7.  I can always be found with a book. 
8.  I have a birthmark on my right calf that looks like a thumbprint. 
9.   I am hooked on stories with tragedy - Titanic, Etc
10. I am a People Person.
Now, It's your turn - Tell me a few things about you ... I am all ears ...

You Are Beautiful ...

You Are Beautiful ... No Matter Your ... 
This quote spoke to me in many ways ... I believe in every phrase listed here ...

I have to remember to say this to myself on some days ... I am not the most confident but I do try to work with what I have been given ... I am who I am ... and I have to believe that this is enough.

I am a people person ... I love meeting and talking with them, getting to know them ...
Accepting them for who they are ... and so grateful for having them in my life!

When was the last time you introduced yourself to someone new?  

Cross an Ocean Thursday ...

I loved the script writing ... The black chalkboard ...

The white scrolls on a dark background ...

Whatever the reason, I wanted to share this quote for this weeks post ...


~Christopher Columbus

Perhaps it is the result of finishing up a five week poetry course, but I am in love with words.

I have always been a fan of literature, but as of late I cannot digest enough. I want to purchase every poetry book I see. I want to read every poem,  and  use every free moment researching all of the poets that I have been missing out on ... In short, I want a day to just ...Read.

Now, it's your turn - What has moved you in this way, lately?

I am all ears ... Looking forward to hearing from you!

Don't Ask Yourself ...

I am not sure if it was the handwritten quote or the vintage look of the photo that caught my eye, but I needed to post about it this week. This quote had me sit back, and really think. Read it again. Take it in.

If we all did what makes us come alive, we would be living in a very content world.

What makes you come alive? Do it ... Do it now ...

(I wish I knew where this quote originated from, so I could give it proper credit.)

Kind Words for a Sunday ...

When I first read this quote, I knew I needed to put it into a blog post. It seems we hear so much negativity these days, that hearing kind words is like music to our ears. I can barely listen to the news while they report on such upsetting topics. A simple, "Good Morning" and/or "Have a great day" can turn someone's day around.

When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? From the lady at work, commenting on her new hairstyle - To the bank teller you see week after week, telling her how much you like the shirt she is wearing.It sounds so easy - So why do we not do this more?

When was the last time someone gave you a kind word?

Be One Who ...

I saw this quote this morning and had to pass it on. Similar to those moments when see a movie that you need to talk about. Or hear a song that lingers with you through out the day.

My favorite line in this quote is "Leave People Better Than You Found Them" ... What a beautiful sentence that is. If everyone could take a moment and think about those words - What a wonderful world we would live in.

I have always been amazed with what a simple "Good Morning" or a "Smile" can do. It can turn your day around. It can brighten your spirit. I find myself greeting stranger with a smile or a Hello, quite often. Then again, this is just me.

I think I will remember this quote while spending time with family and friends going forward.
I will remember my favorite line - "Leave People Better Than You Found Them" ... Profound. 

Chatting at the Cheesecake Factory ...

This afternoon, I met up with my friend, Kathryn Antyr or as many know her as the "Collage Diva".  We had not seen each other for quite sometime, so a visit was a "Must". 
We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (A first for the Collage Diva).  (You can see a pic of our desserts in the above photo - YUMMY!).  We then did some shopping afterwards. 
Always nice to catch up with a great friend. 
Looking forward to our next get-together ... 

Meet Harmony Lenasbunt ...

Let me introduce Harmony Lenasbunt ...  She is another truly, talented artist that I was lucky to work with this year. 
We spoke for many months getting to know one another. She decided that she would like to see some photographs of flowers that I have taken over the years. She wanted to do embroidery on a  photo that gave her some background to play with - So we decided on this Magnolia Bud.  (See above -  My original photograph - Photo Below - Harmony's embroidered work).
I hope to work with Harmony again in the near future.
Thank you, Harmony for collaborating with me on this beautiful project!