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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoying Moments ...

I thought I would use this picture for today's post because it reminds me of a few years ago - I did this Tulip Photo Shoot - It was a beautiful, breezy day that I could have stayed there for hours on end - I disciplined myself to not look at my photos while taking them - Let it be a bigger surprise once I got home to download them. I have a few shots that I really like from this shoot, this is one of them. I hope you enjoy this photo - As much as I enjoyed this day ... Some days stay with us forever!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Purple Passion ...

Another week has come to an end ~ Looking forward to a weekend with sunshine ~ We have had a full week of rain here in Massachusetts, it would be a real pleasure to get outdoors and enjoy! Wishing everyone a fun-filled weekend, whatever your plans are ...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Angel's View


Views of early morning light,
Filled with hours of dreamy nights

Lying awake with a feeling,
Hearts alive and ever reeling

Next to a man who fate caught,
Contentment is my only thought     
How did this happen - you and me,
Our souls are open to whom we should be

Breathing is easier for us, with all this,
A glance, a hug or a simple kiss

Slowly fading without a peep,
Special times are those that we keep

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Catch Up Post ...

I wanted to write to say that I have been adding poetry to my blog, to show another side of who I am. Photography is my first passion, first and foremost. I have to say that I am also quite happy when I am writing poetry and essays. I like writing from experiences I have had, and people I meet. I enjoy placing the words in a way, to tell a story. I hope my photography also tells a story. I started taking photos and writing at the age of 15 and I have always found myself going back to both during my free time. I hope everyone enjoys reading my work, as much as I have had creating it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New World ...


Take me to a new world …
Show me a different adventure …

Guide me to a new land …
Lead me down a creative path …

Introduce me to a new friend …
Ask me to try something new …

Help me create a new memory …
Sing me a brand new song …

Paint me a picture with many colors,
Include me with my Sisters and Brothers

Tell me we will relive it again, Someday …
Bring me into a new world … Today

Monday, May 16, 2011

This is the Day


Some days are worth waiting for,
This is one of them

Some days you picture with the person made for you,
This is the day

Some days you remember the smell of the rain,
This is one of them

Some days make you smile inside,
This is the day

Some days you will remember forever,
This is one of them

Some days you look outdoors and you can see forever,
This is the day

Some days we witness magic happen,
This is one of them

Some days we feel like we can conquer the world,
This is the day

Some days are meant to spend taking them all in,
This is one of them

Some days are perfect,
This is the day

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angels Among Us


What is it when we feel a chill
Feelings around us, at times bring a thrill

Stories of those before us are told,
Memories and history are what we hold

A soft voice that we sometimes hear
Peacefulness is what we hold dear

Stop for a moment and softly sigh,
Great feelings make us want to cry

We have been told that they come back
Is it our wiits that we are starting to lack?

What was that sound around the bend
Seems this is turning more into a trend

How do I react to such a fate
Some people think - This is quite great

Wishing for one more time to hear
Waiting is the most difficult to bear

Finding Where I Belong ...


Singing a favorite song
Finding where I belong

Going on my way
Not certain of what to say

Need to give something new a try
Perhaps even say goodbye

Finding out the need to play
Only way to start a new day

Future is looking bright
I can finally see the light

Smile is all I can do
No time to feel blue

Confidence is all I lack
No time to keep looking back

Knowing now I took too long
Finding out where I belong