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Showing posts from June 5, 2011

Free as a Bird

Fridays always make me think of "Freedom" - The beginning of the weekend - Time off to do what I want to do - Just a break from the routine - I took this picture last year at a Pond not too far from our house ... I thought it was an appropriate picture to start the weekend ... What do you we all have planned for this weekend?

Thinking - Maine!

This month reminds me of Maine ~ Visiting with my folks every Summer ~ Seeing the ocean after a long Winter in New England ~ Smelling the ocean air ~ Feeling the soft sand on my feet ~ Sitting in a beach chair with a wonderful book ~ Such great memories of growing up visiting the shore ~ This is why I posted this picture I took on our way to Boothbay Harbor in Maine ~ I think this photo speaks "Maine" ~ Well, at least to me it does - LOL

Puzzle Mania ...

I thought I would use a black and white photo today, to show another side of me. I like doing "word search" puzzles. I read in Health Magazine that any type of "puzzle" stimulates the mind, and keeps it sharp for later in life. What types of puzzles do you like? Crosswords? Find the hidden picture?

Rhoddy Realizations ...

Today is a bit more humid than the past few days, but beautiful just the same ~ The picture I chose for today is a Rhoddy from my front yard. I took this picture yesterday morning. I am loving any shade of purple these day. Funny how our tastes change over time. What is your favorite color? Has it changed over the years?

Garden Talk ...

Hoping everyone had a lovely weekend ~ I really enjoyed the cooler weather ~ We are being told that the heat and humidity will return by weeks end, here in Massachusetts ~ I will enjoy the cooler days while they last ~ This picture was taken this past weekend in our garden ~ Most of the Peonies have started to bloom and all of the Iris's ... What is everyone's favorite Season?