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Traveler's Notebook 101

Photo Credit - Speckled Fawns
I have always been a lover of stationery, but my newest obsession is the Traveler's Notebook.

As pictured above, this notebook is made of leather, can hold up to 8 notebooks and a few other inserts. Inserts can range from folders, to zip pockets, to picture holders. The amazing feature is that all these notebooks and inserts can slide out and easily be placed into another similar notebook. (Notebooks having just a sewn spine to easily crease and remove).The changeability of ease, is so great. At times I only want to take a few things with me, other times I would like to take everything!

You can use this as a planner, journal, sketchbook, art journal, scheduler, etc. Each notebook can be used for each aspect of your life - Fitness, Health, Kids Schedules. Etc ...

This notebook originated in Japan as the Midori Traveler's Notebook. This is the real notebook. All others that have followed are faux midori's but beautif…