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Showing posts from August 5, 2018


Photography by Kristine 
After work last week, I decided to visit Panera Bread. I truly could not remember the last time I did this, so I took this opportunity to make it an Artist's Date, of sorts  (Julia Cameron's (one of my favorite inspirational authors thought process  for  artists's outings that get you out into the world, doing what you love).  I brought along a book, a journal and my laptop. I had a fulfilling sandwich, delicious summer salad and a great tasting lemonade. This made it possible to wait out the traffic during rush hour and to avoid downpours that were coming through the area. 
I spent some of my time catching up on podcasts that I have been falling behind on. I also caught up on researching books that I would like to add to future reads. 
As I sat listening to my podcasts many tables around began to fill up. A young mother and her young son talking about his day at preschool. A woman that asked to share my wall outlet so she could a…