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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Creative Saturday ...

I have to say this week has been a creative one for me. I have been writing 750 Words A Day (A writing practice on that helps me stay on my path to better writing. I have also started to blog more consistently. I have also been reading The Artist's Way and I am beginning my 12 Week Course to owning a more creative lifestyle. This will help me clear my mind (with Morning Pages) and be able to write more clearly and get to the bones of what I truly want to be writing about. I had worked with this course years ago, but when I revisit it now, it takes on a different meaning, entirely. This proven practice has been used with Writers, Photographers, Musicians, etc ... Where are you headed? What area do you want to become clearer? Better?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Front Yard Flamingos - Poetry Friday ...


Every holiday, we start to wonder
What is the story to be told?
You may think it is a blunder
But we tend to look at him as bold

Ten or so holidays to get them out
Those little birds with silver sticks
We can count on this, without any doubt
What else could he throw into this mix

The May Pole will ultimately give them a jiggle
June will bring out the colorful spinners
July they have sunglasses, gives us a giggle
Fun to see, I think they are all winners

During the cold months they have their places
He sets them on snow banks , oh so high
The surprise to us is they still show their faces
As many people stop as they drive by

Someday – I hope to meet him – If I can
Around the corner and down the street
Perhaps I will see him, walking with my man
Making our neighborhood interesting and complete

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday ...

I thought I would post this picture because butterflies always remind me of my Mom ~ I am not sure if she started liking them, or I just associate them with her - But either way, we both find them quite beautiful. They are able to be so free. They give us joy just flying around us, landing beside us so we can admire all the many colors upon their wings. I think this is what made photography so alluring to me, being outdoors and one with nature. Is there a place where you can escape to - to watch nature unfold infront of you?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walk with the Dreamers ...

I came across this quote and knew it would need to be mentioned in my blog. Each line gives me hope. Each line tells me that I need to be with people who lift me up. Each line tells me to get on the path that will keep my spirit alive. My favorite is the last line. What a beautiful way statement. Is there a place, either online or in a book that you find inspiration?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Happy Halloween ~ New England had our first snowstorm of the season over the weekend, so Halloween looks a bit different this year, with snow covered surfaces. Some areas received up to 2 Feet of snow and many out of power for days to come ... Halloween brings me back to the costumes I wore as a kid - My Mom had made me a Witch Costume that I loved (Even though it was pouring rain that year!) It was beautifully made with gold edges on the sleeves and around the body. I loved the red nail polish I was able to wear along with a great witches hat. What was your favorite childhood costume?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Being Strong ...

Neighbors of ours had a house fire last evening ~ We have spoken to Firemen, Policemen and neighbors who have had a "Feeling" of hope through it all ~ How can people be so brave? How can they still speak to you with a smile on their face when they have lost everything? How could a police women walk through the burning building, carry out a dog on her shoulders and down a fire escape without a second thought? This is Strength. This is Bravery. This is Love. Where have you seen this type of strength lately?