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Letters Across the Miles ...

Dear Jennifer, Your post could not have come at a better time - We are headed to Maine shortly - We do enjoy our "Kick Off To Summer" get-away - I am doing research to find yet "another" hidden jewel amongst the many treasures there. More to come! Thank you for your kind words regarding my office view.  I believe we both have a great appreciation for "Views" - Anywhere, Really. If it is at the ocean, woods or in the city.  I feel I found my way into the city for a reason, only time will tell. I believe my answer will be present in the upcoming months. I have to admit, I have "Bike Envy" when you mention your rides - I hope to get a bike soon so I will be able to explore a bit more, as you do. Walking is fine, but I need something new. I feel I could take it for errands, down to the pond to visit the ducks, to the center to take in a chapter of a great book etc ... So many possibilities ... For those few free moments we are