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France - Part Deux

Welcome to Part 2 of Biarritz, France
On this particular day I took a taxi into town - To my surprise I overheard a window washer speaking English - I approached him and asked where the nearest cafe was (in French), and he said, "American? English? How can I help?" ... I was overjoyed! ... He directed me and I was on my way.  I walked a block or two and found a quiet outdoor cafe to write some poetry and to also update my journal entries.

I was able to sit at two different cafe's on this day ... First I enjoyed breakfast and did some writing, then moved on to walking through downtown, up and down side streets, shooting photos ... I could have done this for hours on end ... The second cafe I visited the waitress did not speak any English, needless to say this was an interesting conversation. With a limited vocabulary in French, to my surprise I was able to get by.

Most people around me, speaking only French. I hear construction going on behind the cafe. The large buildi…