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Breathe It All In ... Love

Original Photography by Kristine 
I never thought of myself as a journaler, but as time goes on I think I may fit into that category. 

I have always had some type of a journal or diary. I started with a light blue child-like diary with a key in grade school. I then moved on to composition books, and then to typing journal entries in my teens and placing them in a three ring binder. (All of which I still have!). 

In the past few years I have been journaling in a different way. Most memories - Such as photos, napkins, coasters and ticket stubs make their way into a leather bound moleskin that I purchased as a planner that I turned into a journal. Recently, I have been working between this journal, a travelers notebook and an A5 size leather journal that houses each milestone. Each memory. Each moment. 

I recently purchased (as a gift from my folks for my birthday) my first Erin Condren Notebook which I have been adding titles to pages to keep all my thoughts in one place. I have sections fo…