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Showing posts from July 10, 2011

Magazines & Printed Fabric ...

While visiting with my folks yesterday, I decided to go through a few totes that they have been nice enough to store for me in their basement. This morning, while sipping coffee - The feeling was like Christmas morning - How had I forgotten about all this great stuff? Printed fabric, unfinished ornaments to paint, paintbrushes that have never been opened etc ... I was thrilled ... I am the only one that loves a great surprise that you do not see coming?

More Creativity ...

To follow up from my blog posting yesterday, this shows more of the cards, the cigar box and the bookmarks I have created - Just great fun to pull a few creative elements together and play - To see what the end product will look like - This is relaxing and fun for me - What do you do to relax?

Handmade Greeting Card

Last night I felt like making a few new handmade cards - This is one of them - My living room coffee table looked like a tornado hit - I had all paper scraps, embellishments, etc all over the place - I wanted to go through my craft supplies before I began ... Am I the only one that makes a mess while creating?

More Digital Art ...

Keeping with the Digital Art trend, I decided to post yet another of my new creations. As I have mentioned before, these photos are all my originals but I change them up to see what I create them into. It seems just adding a "Sunburst" changes the story of this photo ... I love trying new things to see what I can create. Do you like to change things up? Or do you like keeping things the same, to stay in your comfort zone?

Digital Art ...

As you can see from this photo - I have been enjoying Digital Art - I have been trying new features, new tools etc ... I love to watch tv and play ... Very relaxing to me ... Hoping to continue to see what these programs can do ... What artwork are you interested in, that you have not tried yet?

New Art Journal

I thought I would share my new art journal with all of you - So, here it is - Today I have been thinking of how I can become more creative - I recently started looking into Zentangle, Drawing Labs, Reading books on finding my "Artist Within", Photography Workbooks Etc ... It really has gotten my creative juices flowing ... What fuels you to become more creative?

Sophie Love ...

Happy Sunday - I felt that I needed to post a picture of Sophie, seeing that I posted one of Thompson, yesterday - I decided to add "some love" to this picture - She is my love bug so I thought it was a great fit!