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A Dr Seuss Post ...

Photo Credit - Surfing Rainbows - Facebook Site

As a child, I loved Dr Seuss ... The rhymes never made much sense, but the flow of the words always kept my attention ... 
I recently tried my hand as a "Dr Seuss" inspired poem that I thought I would share with all of you.

Hearts Welcome ...

WELCOME This was taken during our last snowstorm -  It will be a part of a new photography journey I am starting entitled the  "Where Have I Been" Series ...  More to come on this ...
Showing True "Boston" Spirit on my coffee mug ...
This is the inside of the coffee mug ...  As you all know, I love "hearts"  so having one inside of this mug made it a must have!   ~~~~~~~~~~~
Is there a symbol (a heart etc ...) that you like to see?   Do you find this symbol showing itself to you often?

Blending The Lines ...

Photo Credit - A Little Touch of Me - Facebook Site 

Original Poetry by Kristine Dubuque Ortega 
All Rights Reserved 

Dreamers Lane

Photo Credit - A Little Touch of Me - Facebook Site 

How fun would it be to say you live on Dreamers Lane? (see photo above).

Would you consider yourself a "Dreamer"? I find myself thinking of  having a "get-away" place - To Write, To Photograph,  To Enjoy a Nice View ...Of having a home in the woods, at the ocean, on a lake ... So, I guess I am a dreamer ... LOL

In reality, I would be happy with a 1 Bedroom Studio Apartment near the mountains, oceanside or lakeside ... I could get a bicycle to get around town ... In hopes it had a small deck or perhaps a patio to read and cook outdoors ... To share with family & friends ... Ok, I will leave "Dreamland"now ...

Perhaps I can work towards that ... As a more reasonable way to achieve this goal. 

What do you daydream about? 

Letters Across the Miles Reminder

LETTERS ACROSS THE MILES  with  Jennifer Belthoff & Kristine Dubuque Ortega
Be sure to check my blog this upcoming Tuesday for correspondence from Jennifer Belthoff! (You can visit Jennifer's Blog @
We are bringing back the sense of "Old Fashioned Letter Writing" on each others blogs every other Tuesday ...
Hope you can join us with our new journey!