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Showing posts from March 3, 2013

A Dr Seuss Post ...

Photo Credit - Surfing Rainbows - Facebook Site As a child, I loved Dr Seuss ... The rhymes never made much sense, but the flow of the words always kept my attention ...  I recently tried my hand as a "Dr Seuss" inspired po em that I thought I would share with all of you.   PERNIZZLE HOOBLE DOOBLE And COOBLE All day long MOCK CHOCK and SHEROCK To your hearts content JIZZLE KADIZZLE And PERNIZZLE Until you can, no longer WITTLE DITTLE And MITTLE Until you feel you have had your fill BAZONK QAZONK And RAZONK Until you cannot go any longer Now, Go live a little

Hearts Welcome ...

  WELCOME This was taken during our last snowstorm -  It will be a part of a new photography journey I am starting entitled the  "Where Have I Been" Series ...  More to come on this ... Showing True "Boston" Spirit on my coffee mug ... This is the inside of the coffee mug ...  As you all know, I love "hearts"  so having one inside of this mug made it a must have!   ~~~~~~~~~~~ Is there a symbol (a heart etc ...) that you like to see?   Do you find this symbol showing itself to you often?

Blending The Lines ...

Photo Credit - A Little Touch of Me - Facebook Site    Origina l Poetry by Kristine Dubuque Ortega  All Rights Re served  BLENDING THE LINES  What is it That blends the lines Softens the seams The underlying cracks The borders that define us The corners That shape our lives The softer surfaces That bring us comfort The hot irons That steam over us The soft cotton That we rest upon The satin sheets That call us home The soft voices That reassure us This much I know    

Dreamers Lane

  Photo Credit - A Little Touch of Me - Facebook Site  How fun would it be to say you live on Dreamers Lane? (see photo above). Would you consider yourself a "Dreamer"? I find myself thinking of  having a "get-away" place - To Write, To Photograph,  To Enjoy a Nice View ...Of having a home in the woods, at the ocean, on a lake ... So, I guess I am a dreamer ... LOL In reality, I would be happy with a 1 Bedroom Studio Apartment near the mountains, oceanside or lakeside ... I could get a bicycle to get around town ... In hopes it had a small deck or perhaps a patio to read and cook outdoors ... To share with family & friends ... Ok, I will leave "Dreamland" now ... Perhaps I can work towards that ... As a more reasonable way to achieve this goal.  What do you daydream about?   

Letters Across the Miles Reminder

LETTERS ACROSS THE MILES  with  Jennifer Belthoff & Kristine Dubuque Ortega Be sure to check my blog this upcoming Tuesday for correspondence from Jennifer Belthoff! (You can visit Jennifer's Blog @ We are bringing back the sense of "Old Fashioned Letter Writing" on each others blogs every other Tuesday ... Hope you can join us with our new journey!