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A Year In Photos ... 2017

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Another Year ...

Photography by Kristine 

Another Year
Coffee mornings & wine nights
Kid-like highs & heartbreaking lows
Many conversations & great belly laughs
Family moments & lasting memories 
Enjoyable movies & page turning books
Unexpected moments & baffling disappointments
Different hopes & revised dreams
Wide smiles & lifelong tears
Adapting to new schedules & late dinners
Busy days & quieter evenings 

Dec 2017

Happy Holidays To All ...

Photography by Kristine 

Merry Christmas To My Family & Friends  Wishing You Health & Happiness, Always  Xo
Looking forward to writing more in 2018 ... Until Then ...
Much Love, Kristine 


Photography by Kristine 

A season that arrives each year One I never tire of  Like an old friend returning Leaves dancing across the street Crisp cool air across my face  Layers of clothing to wear Opening the door to the scent of comfort food Football games to watch Enjoying time with family and friends A time that never lasts long enough 
Kristine Dubuque Ortega October 1, 2017

We Will Rise!

For those of you who know me, you are  aware that I am not one to speak of politics. I have my opinions, but they are not vocalized often. 
When I came across this quote, I was reminded of the negativity of where the world is headed. How the Government is run. The state America is in.
I find solace is knowing previous generations have also had their uncertain times. They have risen above and so will we! 

The Appeal of Sea Glass ...

Photography: Beach Lust 

As each Summer passes I find myself researching the beauty of Sea Glass. What is about these colorful pieces of frosted glass that are so appealing?

There are very few beaches along the New England coastline where you can find these rarities. I hope to visit a few beaches I have researched between now and the upcoming Fall season.

I would love to have a few pieces to call my own.

Does anyone else find these finds engaging?

The Summer Switch Out ...

Photography by Kristine 2017 

The Summer Switch Out ... 
Hot chocolate for ice cold lemonade Winter boots for stylish sandals  Long sleeves for tank tops  Shoveling snow for raking the yard  Silence in the early morning to birds chirping  Bare trees to colorful bushes  Dark colors to bright hues  Short days to longer evenings  Comfort food for ice cream sundaes Moisturizing before bed to pedicures Warm socks to bare feet

A Day In A Blythe's Life ...

A Day In a Blythe's Life ...

Photography by Kristine

Meet Frida ...

Meet Frida! 
She is a Blythe doll. She has a short purple bob hairstyle, four different colored eye choices (you can pull a cord and change the color of her eyes - aka eye chips!), she has a simple skipper style body. Most of her doll clothes I have found have been vintage clothes from doll collectors! 
She has been my latest photography experiment. She has been teaching me how to catch the best light, has gotten me outdoors and has given me great joy to capture and dress up for these photo shoots! 
Most of these photos have been taken on my day off. She brings me back to the days of "play".  She has reminded me to slow down, and do what I love ... Create! 
As a child I was never into dolls, but she is different. Unique. Fun. 
What have you done strictly "for fun" lately? 

Thinking Out Loud ...

Photography by Kristine 

A bitterly cold day Layers of comfort Daylight Savings Time  Looking ahead to a new work week An upcoming blizzard in view Reading to catch up on Journal writing to be done Appointments to reschedule Momentos to cherish A charity to give to Promises to keep Photographs to take Springtime plans to schedule A day trip to the ocean Re-arrange clothes for a new season Calendar appointments to check Family members to visit Thank you cards to write Time made for what matters Wish for more time Hope for the best Grateful for it all
Kristine Dubuque Ortega  03/12/2017

30 Minutes ...

Original Photography by Kristine 

30 Minutes of You by Kristine 
A Stranger Met at the local pond He was French Catholic With a coffee in hand  Had a Sister, Like Me Lost an Uncle The same way I lost you Spoke of his seven year old daughter A proud dad, A salesman In a dress shirt and tie We spoke of family, Life A person I felt I was destined to meet I needed to talk, About you The great person, You were And always will be Minutes, Turned into an hour We shook hands A window rolled down With the most sincere goodbye A tear rolled down my face Wondering How I got through The past thirty minutes 
Original Poetry by Kristine

Meet My New Addition ...

Meet Eva !!!

As a child I was never a huge doll lover. I was interested in my stuffed animals more so than my dolls. As my photography interests grow, I am always looking for a new subject to take photos of.

Meet Eva (aka Evie!) ...

The way I came to name this beautiful doll was that I wanted her name to have meaning, but also have a name that could be shortened.


Her full name is "Eva" for my grandmother, a wonderful woman who loved to laugh and brought us many years of enjoyment! Evie is her knickname.

More photos to come ...

Tell me what you have been photographing lately ...

My Word for 2017 ...

Photography found on Pinterest

My Word For 2017 ...
R E L E A S E 
I will admit I went back and forth between a few words for 2017. I had the word BALANCE last  year and I wanted to continue this journey. I feel RELEASE will help me hold on to the good and let go of anything that is no longer working for me. 
As many of us, this time of the year makes us want to start the year off right. I am thinking of small routines that will place me into my creative space during the free moments throughout the day. I have been carrying a book and a journal around with me for awhile. I would like to try my hand at adding sketching and watercolor to my journals. I would love to expand on my creativity, alongside of my writing, poetry and photography.
More of these thoughts in the upcoming weeks ... 
What are your plans for New Year?