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France - Part Trois

France - Part Trois 
I have been asked to show a few more pics and to tell of a few more adventures in France. 
This photo was taken during another walk on Point Vieux, in Biarritz. It was a beautiful day, the sun high in the sky with the ocean all around us. Beautiful houses hugged the oceanfront, as I stopped every five feet to photograph. I still think back and feel that somehow that week in France, was a dream.

This is another view from across the walking paths. I fell in love with this building. We later found out that it is an apartment building. It amazed me, because it looked more like a castle to me.

This is a pic from the day I went to Saint Jean de Luz. A beautiful area with shops & cafe's, that border the ocean. This is the street where I had lunch a local pub.

This is one of many entryways I photographed. I love the old fashioned wrought iron on the windows, and the array of colored doors ...They all offer a different flare!

Thank you for asking to see more from…