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Friday, July 10, 2015

Inner Excavation Sharing ...

Today I decided to do something that I do not usually do.
I wanted to share some of the work from a class I am currently taking.

Here are some short poems I wrote in Liz Lamoreux's 
online course.

This is from Week 1 - Entitled, Just Write ... 

4 Prompts Given To Start  ... 

I Begin ... I Am ... I Stand Alone ... I See a Man  

I Begin …
Each morning with a cup of coffee
Giving my brain a jump start 
Preparing me for the day ahead 
Usually a traffic filled ride 
Horns blaring 
Grateful for good music 
Thoughts swirling in my head 
Wondering what the day will bring 
Thinking of weekend plans ahead 

I Am … 
A modern day woman with an old soul
Seeker of authenticity in all things 
One who continues to believe
A wide eyed explorer 
In search of the next best photo 
Or words that will resonate
After I am gone 

I Stand Alone ...
With my unique ways of thinking 
In a world with no steadfast rules 
At times, in a room full of people 
With my feet firmly planted 
Surrounded by light 
With no apologies and no regrets 

I See a Man …
Near the water's edge
Who relates to my story 
He shares his own truth 
Both heartbreaking stories 
A chance meeting 
Two souls collided
One car pulled away
Followed with one tear

I enjoy writing shorter poems with meaning. Please let me know if you find yourself doing the same to capture your thoughts of the day or of any moment ... Love hearing from you!