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Nashville Travels ...

As I left Logan Airport in Boston, I felt that I was opening a new window in my life. One of freedom. One of self-independence. I found my seat and settled in.

The flight flew by and I was in Nashville before I knew it. I gathered my bags and headed to the outside passenger pickup curb. I was greeted with open arms by a friend that could easily be a Sister of mine. Before too long, I began seeing Nashville and Memphis signs on the highway. This was truly happening. A jaunt that was planned so quickly, felt more surreal by the moment.

A quick re-cap of the tourist sites we took in were visiting the Grand Ole Opry Backstage Tour, Antique Archeology (American Pickers Gift Shop), Broadway (Street of Lights) and shopping in Downtown Franklin.

The regular daily sites were just as fun - Meeting new friends, trying new food (and cream soda - Yum!), listening to live music, attended a going away party, shared in a friends brunch, and being serenaded by incredibly talented fiddlers, guitar pla…