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April Love --- Day Nine

Dear Imagination, You were the one, who said to put real grass in a tupperware container (with holes in the lid) with a paper frog I cut out of the Sunday funny pages. The one who helped me draw my idea of Snoopy's companion, Woodstock. Who collected stuffed koala bears, wishing they were real. The one who wanted Mrs Beasley and I to have a real conversation. Who dreamnt of having long hair like my Cher doll, One Day. Or my Barbies driving around in my Dad's slippers, posing as vehicles . The one who made me afraid of the ocean after seeing the movie, Jaws. The one who pretended being a teacher on my chalkboard. The one who played bank teller with my Moms voided checks. The one who doodled on the inside soles of my Nike sneakers. How driving through the path at the end of my street always felt like my own Secret Garden. I find myself using you in all my writings and photography. For all the things I still wish for and for making each day more colorful – Thank You !!!

April Love -- Day Eight

Dear Younger Me,
I look back and how I wish I could have protected you. Or at least warned you. I remember the celebrations and the losses. But never knowing the biggest loss would come in your mid 40s. Thinking back of who you were, I wish you were more confident. Had a better self image.  Followed your passions. Believed in you. I do give you credit for staying true to who you were. Never conforming. Standing up for what you thought was right. These characteristics would remain with you through the years. Staying passionate. Staying as strong as you could be.  I look forward to seeing who we will become in the upcoming years. Hoping for wiser and stronger days. Love you! Love, Me

April Love -- Day Seven

Dear Rest,
As children we do not like naps. We do not like to go to bed. We ask to stay up later.  If we could have fast forwarded to adulthood and realized what we were giving up. What we would do for those offers now. A spare hour. A full evening. A night we do not have to cook a meal. A day or so that is not like the usual routine. We crave these times. The soft pillow that calls our name. The blanket on the couch that looks so inviting. The book on the nightstand that has been neglected. The magazine we keep saying we will get to. The wine glass that has not been used in awhile. Oh, your tug comes to me in so many ways. Please continue to remind me that this is essential. We all need a gentle reminder.

April Love ... Day Six

Dear Books,
You are present in my home. In bookcases. Stacked on end tables. By my bedside.In my car.  Read and then referred back to. Written in. Highlighted. Many different genres. Self Improvement. Non-Fiction. Fiction. Autobiographies. Travel. Photography. Poetry. Journals. Diaries. Art Books. Workbooks. I feel it began with Dr Suess and shortly after finding Nancy Drew, life was never the same. Each new find opened my eyes to a new adventure. As a teen I remember sitting in between the aisles of a bookstore with friends, for hours flipping through undiscovered finds. My heart sores when I receive a bookstore gift certificate. I feel it is food for my soul. I have had a long romance with you. One that will last a lifetime.

April Love ... Day Five

Dear Intuition,
You never let me down. Guiding me when I am lost. You assist me when my heart and head are at odds. You speak to me in a a whisper. Reminding me of who I am. What I need. You know my strengths and weaknesses. Always knowing when I have hit my limit. Never leading me astray. You ground me. Pointing me in the right direction. Placing the right people in my life. Showing me opportunities. Steering me down a different path. A healthier one. Always, a better one.

April Love ... Day Four

Dear Morning,
I do enjoy your natural light. Birds chirping. Shadows that change as the hours pass. Thoughts that go through my mind. The possiblities. Weekdays rush by. Weekends come in to sight. No alarm. The decent to the kitchen. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. A mind shift. Balance restored. A suburban retreat. Breakfast on the griddle. Comfort abounds. A new day dawns. Another after that. Not a moment taken for granted.

April Love ... Day Three

Dear Feet,
In the beginning you assisted me in learning to walk, to ride a bike and to roller skate. In my youth, childhood memories, purchasing new shoes for the upcoming school year. Each season brought about a new look for you. In my teens you were adorned with ked sneakers and flip flops in the Summer. Heavy lambs wool winter boots in the colder ones. As years went by ore fashionable calf high styles in the in between times. A few short years ago you wore your first pair of cowboy boots, on the airplane and through many airports. You have been pedicured, rubbed, moisturized and danced upon. You have climbed stairs, steep hills and walked on gravel paths. You have led me to prettiest of ponds, and oceanside views that have taken my breath away .You have carried me to see many new and interesting places. I hope there are more adventures that you guide me to. You ground me, Each and everyday.

April Love ... Day Two

Day Two 

Dear Home, 
A dictionary definition of you is a permanent residence, but to me you are so much more. A key being placed in a front door leads me into my true self. Pets that greet me at the door.  Four walls that keep me safe from harm. A place that feeds, rests and cleanses my body. A couch that I can sink into after a long day. A soft bed to crawl into. Running water to assist in daily routines. Electricity to light my way. Windows to open to let the fresh air in. A backyard patio to enjoy. Plants that need watering. Books to be read and ones that I cannot let go of. Collections of travel and memories. A garden to watch grow. Plans to be made. Wishes to be spoken of. Meals to be prepared. Memories to be made. Dreams of having another one of you near the ocean or near a lake. Remain who you are. Never change.