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Meet Frida ...

Meet Frida! 
She is a Blythe doll. She has a short purple bob hairstyle, four different colored eye choices (you can pull a cord and change the color of her eyes - aka eye chips!), she has a simple skipper style body. Most of her doll clothes I have found have been vintage clothes from doll collectors! 
She has been my latest photography experiment. She has been teaching me how to catch the best light, has gotten me outdoors and has given me great joy to capture and dress up for these photo shoots! 
Most of these photos have been taken on my day off. She brings me back to the days of "play".  She has reminded me to slow down, and do what I love ... Create! 
As a child I was never into dolls, but she is different. Unique. Fun. 
What have you done strictly "for fun" lately?