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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Letters Across the Miles ... Creativity Is ...

Happy Belated Fourth of July, To You & Yours … Yes, Very hard to believe … At times it feels I was shoveling snow not all that long ago ;) ... It was a quiet holiday weekend for us … A much welcomed one!

CONGRATS on opening your ETSY Shop … I did take a look, Love the items you chose, I really love it … I made it a “Favorite Store” of mine … I will be back to visit, I am sure … So Excited For You & Best of Luck!

I have some creative ideas on the horizon, as well … I have not thought them out fully as of yet – But I hope to get a sample or two going to share with you and others, Shortly … A Hint? A new column on my blog & some journaling ideas that are coming together ... More to come!

Thanks for letting me into your world of Running … Not being a runner, I needed an outline of the different events – So Thanks! No one in my family is known for running, either … So do not feel too badly! LOL

Yes, Regarding working in the city - I could not let a great city like Providence Rhode Island pass me by, thanks for your encouraging words – Yes, I do love the city life – I always have – My next photo shoot is going to be Boston – So close to home and I have never done a decent photo shoot there … Stay Tuned!

I give you a lot of credit regarding exercising. I do not make it a priority, as I used to. Perhaps I should write it into the goal list, once again. So glad you enjoy your bike -  I would love to get one in the near future – I think it would be great fun to get out and feel the outdoors like that – Take a ride with my camera and journal to end my ride at the local pond. This is my quiet place that I love to escape to. Always makes for a great day!

The last few months it seems that we have had many full weekends, they are starting to slow down now. It is always nice to see family and friends, but also nice to have some lazy weekends that follow … No rushing, taking our time … Just being around the house …

The Summer is going well … Enjoying the sunny mornings driving into work, praying for a little less rain, watching the new flowers come up in our yard, love coming home to a comfortable place! There is no place like home ;)

Sending love from MA,