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Showing posts from October 2, 2011

Making a Happy Life ...

As I get older, I am realizing that it takes very little to be truly happy. I am beginning to take on the phrase "Less is More" in many aspects of my life. I still love dinner and a movie, the simplest date. I really like staying home and being comfortable watching a movie on a Saturday evening, more so than going out. I enjoy having a glass of wine at home, instead of at a fancy restaurant. I enjoy wearing a pair of jeans much more so than dressing up. I love seeing Summer winding down and my favorite season of Autumn, coming into view. I like having the best seat in the house, watching The Pats on my living room couch. What is your simplest pleasure?


What is it when we feel a chill, Feelings around us, at times bring a thrill
Stories of those before us are told, Memories and history are what we hold
A soft voice that we sometimes hear, Peacefulness is what we hold dear
Stop for a moment and softly sigh, Great feelings make us want to cry
We have been told that they come back, Is it our wits that we are starting to lack?
What was that sound around the bend, Seems this is turning more into a trend
How do I react to such a fate, Some people think - This is quite great
Wishing for one more time to hear, Waiting is the most difficult to bare

Sending Safe Wishes ...

Today I thought this beautiful, multi-colored heart was appropriate. I am sending well wishes to a few people in my life to "travel" safe to their destinations. These are times that I wish I still had my Grandmother to share stories like this with. She was amazed when the fax machine came out. How would she react to flying halfway around the world? I would love to have another chance to tell her about these exciting trips my family and friends are taking. Trips that take a day and a half to reach. I think she would also be amazed that you can send an email across the world and it lands in someone's inbox, simultaneously. I have to admit, this is amazing to me and I live in this present day. Sending love and light to these special people in my life! What amazes you?

Whimsical Wednesday ...

When I came across this collage, I knew I needed to use it for Whimsical Wednesday. It includes many shots of things I love - Hearts, Nice Photography, the Ocean etc ... I love how each picture has such beautiful "Light". I think this is the Photographer in me that is always looking for this aspect. What do you look for in life that speaks to you? A cool breeze? Autumn leaves that will start blowing around? What catches your attention? A sunrise/sunset? the way the air smells after rain? I am looking forward to hearing from you ...

Music Monday - Cher ...

Welcome to Music Monday - Today is MUSIC MONDAY and I am featuring, Cher. I am not sure when I  started liking her - It could have been when I first heard her as child singing "I Got You Babe" with Sonny - Or perhaps when I saw her perform live on television belting out "Half Breed" - Or maybe when I first heard "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" ... I am sure you have realized that I am all about "Re-Inventing" yourself ... I look at Cher as a top bill in this category ... She has changed and reinvented herself 1,000 times over ... Her voice still grabs my attention to this day. Who is your favorite that has continued to reinvent themselves?
When I first came across this photo, it was saying "Welcome, Come In and Visit" - I fell in love it with every aspect of this photo - Autumn (my favorite time of the year), the beautifully detailed arched fence, the leaf paved road ... and especially "The Light" ... If you look closely you can see someone walking on the path in the distance ... I wonder where they are headed? Is there is a lake that we cannot see? So many questions come to mind. What fence is welcoming you? Where would you like to go? What would you like to see? Could it be a new place you have never been to? Or explore a new area on a bicycle? Or taking a walk? Or by taking a long car ride? Happy Sunday, Friends ... Enjoy!