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April Love ... Day One

Today I joined in on Susannah Conway's April Love 2016 - A Month of Love Letters. I thought I would share Day One's Prompt ...

Dear Love, 
You have shown yourself to me in all different ways through my life. I knew you existed with the way you resided in my own family How we reacted to family members sufferings, as if they were our own. In my teens, I thought I knew you with my first love. Later, I realized I was too young to know your true meaning. Later still, I found you being Single meeting new people and then I lost sight of you once again. Over the course of the next few years I would find you to bloom, to hurt and to transform me. Changing me into a stronger more independent woman. Embracing me in my times of need. Cheering for my triumphs. Through it all you showed me comfort. Even now, I find you tapping me on the shoulder – Reminding me to take care of myself. I have always followed my heart, then my head. You have reminded me to take pause and think matters through wh…