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Happy (Belated) New Year & Finding You ...

Photo Credit: (Pinterest) Shabby Art Boutique 
Happy New Year!  Wishing all of you only the best in 2019. 
I am  hoping these upcoming months will be ones of change and growth for all of us. Letting things go that no longer serve us. Knowing your worth.  Speaking your truth. 
I am focusing on going back to basics. Taking a step back. Yes, Learning the basics teaches us a strong foundation in any area but at times we need to realize we need to revisit this space. To refuel. To move forward. To become whole. To find your own balance. 
I plan to bring back more of my love of music, photography, and poetry back to my blog.  Visit with family and friends that I love.  Find my niche in a few different areas of my life. 
How will you change and grow this year?