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Letters Across The Miles ... A Heart for Nana ...

Photo Credit - A Little Bit of Me 

Dear Jennifer, 
As I read your last letter, I knew I wanted to send along "a heart" to you and your family regarding the loss of your Nana. I am sure she was a wonderful woman. You were all lucky to have had her in your lives ... It was nice to hear the lovely stories that you all hold so dear. 

Married, 62 years, How Amazing - 11 Children - and so many grandchildren ... I so enjoyed reading all of your childhood memories I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers in the upcoming days and weeks ... 

Grandmothers are special people. I should know, my Mom and her Mom gives/gave us all the love we ever needed and it only continues. My Dad's Mom passed when he wasonly fourteen. This was a real loss. I so wish I could have met her. I also wish I would have had more time with my Mom's Mom. Just a few thoughts, I wanted to share with you that I think about - From time to time.

I am so sorry you experienced such grief -  First with your…