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Things I Have Learned ...

Photography by Kristine
Things I have learned over the years …
Going back to basics brings clarity Believe in yourself At times, you need to stand alone Stand up for those who do not have a voice Water intake is so essential  Magnesium calms the body  Listening to your intuition never fails  Let things go, they just weigh you down  Reading is a wonderful way to end the day  Pay attention to what your body is telling you  Time is the best gift that can be given  Moderation is key  Photography captures the moments that may have been lost  Silence reveals the answers you are search of  Nature is the best medicine  Choose your battles wisely  Listen to the voices of experience  Be a note taker when learning new things   Never stop dreaming  Be grateful for the small things 
Good people share their knowledge 
Never take anyone for granted  Tomorrow will always be better  A good night sleep makes a world of difference  Try to have something to look forward to  It all comes down to choice  Be Kind! 
What has the past y…