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Showing posts from April 28, 2013

Tuesday Notes ...

Spring is upon us and it is a season I think all New Englanders were anxiously awaiting.
Spring and Fall seem to be my favorites - But Spring is short-lived here. We are out of a Winter coat and seldomly need another for many months to follow.  Welcome to New England!
These days I am loving song lyrics ... I cannot get Bruno Mars out of my head ... Or some of the other pop hits on the radio ... They inspire me with my own writing ... I listen carefully to the lyrics during my ride to work in the morning ... Great way to start the day ...

I am also working in the city again - So I notice things along the walk to my office building ... Words written in the cement, gold or silver engravings in certain walkways, signs, fence posts, engravings in buildings etc ... I plan to take my camera with me to work and see how many great pics I can gather in a 5 minute walk ... I am thinking, Many!

What have you "Noticed" lately?