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Showing posts from March 4, 2012

Love Story in Burlington, VT ...

It started the morning I decided to visit Muddy Waters (Coffee House) in Burlington, Vermont. I was told by the locals that if I was looking for a quiet place to write and enjoy a good cup of java, this was the place.

I entered into a few different level rooms containing booths, cozy benches and chairs. After ordering an Iced Machiatto, I settled into a nice corner bench adjacent to a bookshelf. It was quiet, the perfect seat to get some reading done.

My reason for spending a quiet morning here was to work through a few more chapters in The Artist's Way. (Julia Cameron's ~ Guide to Inspire Artists).

Upon looking around, I noticed that there was a small, rolled up piece of paper tucked away in the brick wall behind me. At first, I was not sure whether to take it out and read it, or not. Perhaps I have seen too many "Candid - Punked" like shows, and someone was watching my every move. Pushing these paranoid thoughts aside, I reached over, read it and I was elated tha…