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Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Love -- Day Thirty ...

Dear Kristine,
I am writing to tell you it will be alright. Knowing you, better than anyone I have many hopes for you. Grow more confident in who you are.  Stay Strong. Breakdown when you need to. Stay true to yourself. You will blend in as an old soul in this modern world. Bend but never waver. Never lose faith. Believe in your way of thinking. Accept who you are. Move through this life with more ease. You have it in you. Dig deep and you will find it. Use the qualities you have been given. Know that you have come a long way. You have already found your passions, continue to work on them. Show the world the smile that gets you compliments, and laugh that is contagious. I think we need more of that. You will find your niche, give it time. You will never be without worry, but you will adapt better. You will always have a guardian angel through the difficult times. Your future looks bright, continue to be you - and you will get there!

Friday, April 29, 2016

April Love -- Day Twenty Nine ...

Dear Sanctuary,
You are where I retreat to find answers. When silence is needed. To sort out my thoughts. To be still. To listen. To ease the pain. To find peace. To ask the questions. To find balance. To listen to my own voice. You are my escape. A haven I can find my center. To take fresh air. View nature. Watch the light dance on the water. To find solitude. To return home, whole.

April Love -- Day Twenty Eight ...

Dear Laughter,
Your best characteristics are belly laughs, making me feel light headed and not being able to catch my breath. Conversations, Jokes,  and movies bring out the best in you. I could watch my friends and family mimic you all day. I love seeing this effect take hold. A moment in time. A snapshot that I would love to bottle up for safe keeping. The best times are when I am with friends and family and you accompany us. Please continue to visit to brighten my days.

April Love -- Day Twenty Seven ...

Dear Change,
I have never been in favor of you. Although, I have had many in my life. I am not fearful of you, and I like to feel secure. You bring uncertainty. Anxiousness. I do prefer things remaining the same, in this ever changing world. Status Quo. Existing conditions give me comfort. Feeling prepared. Ready for the next turn. I have learned to stop and start again. Gaining confidence with every turn of events. You have taught me flexibility which I am grateful for. All I ask is if you continue to show me a path to better myself in home, love and life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Love -- Day Twenty Six ...

Dear Heart,
I have been wanting to write to you for awhile now. My head often has disagreements with you. You have been broken, cracked open and shattered. I live by you. I always feel your tug. Whenever I have a tough decision to make. I weigh the odds. More times than not, you win. I look deep inside for answers and there you are. Rooting me on or telling me to steer clear. I depend on you to get me through my days. Yes, the physical aspect but I am speaking of the emotional, as well. I have always been a fan of following you. I collect items that are shaped liked you. I seem to find you in nature, and you are always photographed. Please continue to show up in my life, in my daily travels, and in unexpected ways.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Love -- Day Twenty Five ...

Dear United State of America,
I have never lived anywhere else but I do know, there is no better place. We have so many facets to be grateful for. Premium healthcare. Expertise in Science and Medicine. Acres of land for purchase. Larger living quarters. Good quality of life. Different Seasons. I am blessed to live here. I will never leave. I may travel but I will always return back to the place I call home.

Monday, April 25, 2016

April Love -- Day Twenty Four ...

Dear Truth,
You are told. Avoided. You always come out in the end. You set us free. We search for the whole truth. Not always something we want to hear. I have understood you more as time has gone on. I am speaking of “My Truth”. The real me. The Creative. The Writer. The Photographer. The one who always resided within me. I believe in you, when I used to have doubt. I listen to my inner voice that always stands by you. You never steer me wrong. I will continue to trust you. Tomorrow and the next day after that.