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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thinking Out Loud ...

Photography by Kristine 


A bitterly cold day
Layers of comfort
Daylight Savings Time 
Looking ahead to a new work week
An upcoming blizzard in view
Reading to catch up on
Journal writing to be done
Appointments to reschedule
Momentos to cherish
A charity to give to
Promises to keep
Photographs to take
Springtime plans to schedule
A day trip to the ocean
Re-arrange clothes for a new season
Calendar appointments to check
Family members to visit
Thank you cards to write
Time made for what matters
Wish for more time
Hope for the best
Grateful for it all

Kristine Dubuque Ortega 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

30 Minutes ...

Original Photography by Kristine 

30 Minutes of You
by Kristine 

A Stranger
Met at the local pond
He was French Catholic
With a coffee in hand 
Had a Sister, Like Me
Lost an Uncle
The same way I lost you
Spoke of his seven year old daughter
A proud dad, A salesman
In a dress shirt and tie
We spoke of family, Life
A person I felt
I was destined to meet
I needed to talk, About you
The great person, You were
And always will be
Minutes, Turned into an hour
We shook hands
A window rolled down
With the most sincere goodbye
A tear rolled down my face
How I got through
The past thirty minutes 

Original Poetry by Kristine 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Meet My New Addition ...

Meet Eva !!!

As a child I was never a huge doll lover. I was interested in my stuffed animals more so than my dolls. As my photography interests grow, I am always looking for a new subject to take photos of.

Meet Eva (aka Evie!) ...

The way I came to name this beautiful doll was that I wanted her name to have meaning, but also have a name that could be shortened.


Her full name is "Eva" for my grandmother, a wonderful woman who loved to laugh and brought us many years of enjoyment! Evie is her knickname.

More photos to come ...

Tell me what you have been photographing lately ...

Monday, January 2, 2017

My Word for 2017 ...

Photography found on Pinterest


My Word For 2017 ...

R E L E A S E 

I will admit I went back and forth between a few words for 2017. I had the word BALANCE last 
year and I wanted to continue this journey. I feel RELEASE will help me hold on to the good
and let go of anything that is no longer working for me. 

As many of us, this time of the year makes us want to start the year off right. I am thinking of small routines that will place me into my creative space during the free moments throughout the day. I have been carrying a book and a journal around with me for awhile. I would like to try my hand at adding sketching and watercolor to my journals. I would love to expand on my creativity, alongside of my writing, poetry and photography.

More of these thoughts in the upcoming weeks ... 

What are your plans for New Year? 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Looking Back on 2016 ...

Photography by Kristine


Taking a look back on this past year had me thinking of what it consisted of.

 I thought I would create a list of "Highlights" ...

- Birthday Get-Togethers

- Football Games 

- Some Online Creative Courses Taken

- Holiday Parties

- New Routines

- Memorable Photography

- Made New Friends

- Sickness and Loss 

- Laughter From The Littles In Our Family

- Took a Great Family Vacation  

- Home Repairs

My next writing will be in the 2017 ... 

Have you chosen your "Word Of The Year" yet?

I will be sharing my chosen word in an upcoming post. 

Happy New Year To All My Family & Friends -- Much Love 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Welcome Fall !!!


This is the time of the year I wait for ...

The warm, colors, delicious comfort food. football season, and sweater weather that brings in cool, crisp air!

These photos (above) were taken on my day off, at a pond not far from where I live. This is where I go to clear my mind. I have visited this pond for many years now, always anticipating my next visit!

Where do you escape to find answers? I would love to hear back from you!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Newly Sharpened Pencils ...

You've Got Mail Throwback ...

After viewing so many posts of friends and families children heading back to school ... It brought me back to the movie You've Got Mail and certain lines that I so enjoyed!

I have to say after all these years, I can still watch You've Got Mail and smile for a full two hours. It is one of those movies that I return to often and it does not take long to remember why. Nora Ephron had a way with her writing, casting and bringing us back to the special connections we make.

I came across this image while surfing google images and remembered how much I loved this line in the movie, "I Would Send You A Bouquet Of Newly Sharpened Pencils If I Knew Your Name & Address" ~Joe Fox (Tom Hanks). Just one of so many incredible lines spoken in this film.

Do you have a favorite line in this movie? I would love to hear back from you ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Autumn Awaits

My Original Photography


Sitting here 
Taking in thoughts 
Knowing what matters
Where my heart needs to be
A new season awaits
My favorite of all 
Staying grounded 
Asking for strength
Finding my way 
Remembering where I came from 
Awaiting a New Year 
Anxious to see what it has to offer 

Kristine Dubuque Ortega

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Year Of Yes ... Thanks, Shonda!

This is the book I have been reading. Before my work days starts, and on breaks in between.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each word and each chapter. Shonda, as many of you know is the television producer, writer and screenwriter of  Thursday Night Shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder.

Her Words Have Inspired Me!

She grew up simple, had awkward moments along the way and rose to become a strong confident woman. Her strength pushes me to become a stronger version of myself. Her words resonate in a way others have not.

Perhaps "My Year Of Yes" will be the upcoming one ...
How about yours?