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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Summer Bucket List ...

PinTerest Image 


When I came across this Summer Bucket List on PinTerest, I had to share it! 

I am unsure if I am the only one, but after a long winter season I cannot wait to open the windows, and feel the fresh air. 

My first trip of the year to see the ocean is always one I look forward to. We will be heading to the ocean next month with family and I am counting the days! 

What are your Summer plans? I would love to hear from you!

Do any of these suggestions interest you? 

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Photography by Kristine 

Seeing I was "tagged" to do this questionaire by a good friend, I thought
 I would share my answers here on my blog with all of you! 


  1. I bring a book along with me everywhere I go
  2. What I love about a good book is when the story stays with me long afterward
  3. Some books I have loved over the years were purchased on cover preference alone
  4. Beverage of choice while reading: Coffee in the AM / Red wine in the PM
  5. Yes, I do dog-ear pages to remember good parts in a book
  6. Yes, I have been to a book signing
  7. I have never read a graphic novel 
  8. Coming of age stories do appeal to me
  9. Any book about a catastrophic event (K2, Titantic, True Crime)  - Interests me
  10. I always find myself routing for the underdog in any book (or movie!)
  11. I do have an interest in books on forensics, psychology, vintage anything 
  12. I have recently been enjoying audio books, currently listening to Sweetbitter (photo). 
  13. My bookshelves are categorized by genre 
  14. Best place to read, on the couch with a comforter 
  15. Each new place I visit, I find a new bookstore (and coffee shop) 
  16. My reading tastes range from Fiction, Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Biography, Art
  17. I have never re-read a book
  18. I have brought books to a used bookstore, only to re-purchase them years later
  19. I do prefer a hardcover to a softcover (unless it is a large chunky softcover!)
  20. I enjoy journals, diaries, composition notebooks, and planners
  21. I usually prefer any book to its movie adaptation
  22. I am currently reading Jewel's Never Broken - Loving it! 
  23. A fun childhood memory of checking out Nancy Drew hardcover books at the library
  24. Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman was my favorite as a child 
  25. My To Be Read Pile is quite tall - Too many to count! 
If anyone would like to comment on these comments above,
 I would love to hear from you!

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Thursday, March 15, 2018


Photography by Kristine 


A simpler time

Less variety
More appreciation
Small mortgages
Big dreams

Less distance
More visiting
Small neighborhoods
Big connections

Less criticism
More class
Small choices
Big plans

Less comparison
More realism
Small vacations
Big memories

Less ignorance
More common sense
Small remedies
Big results

#forevervintage #vintage #memories #bigresults #simplertimes

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cosmetics Haul ...

Photography by Kristine 2018


This is a different kind of post for me.

I am not usually one to use brand names on my blog. 

This photograph was inspired by watching You Tube shopping hauls. 
Many women speak of shopping trips and what they purchase.
They mention what they like and why. 

I thought I would post about my recent cosmetic gatherings! 

This spree was purchased with a budget friendly mindset. There are plenty of  high end items out there, although some well known brand names have many products worth giving a shout out to! 

Here are my favorites! 

I would love to hear what your budget friendly finds are! 

These are the items photographed: 

L'Oreal True Match Face Powder
L'Oreal True Match Lumi Makeup Foundation
Garnier Facial Mist Rose Water
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Dove Body Wash Dry Oil 
Nature's Truth Goodnight Essential Oil
Dove Antiperspirant Cool Essentials
Skintimate Shaving Gel 

Also: (Not photographed)
NYX Eyeliner (Dark Brown)
Rimmel London Eyeliner (Dark Brown) 

Disclaimer: The statements above were not made for profit. I have not been paid  by any manufacturer to promote these products.

#cosmeticshaul #cosmetics #buyingforless #costmeticrecommendations #qualityforless

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Day One, Wunderlist & a Workbook ...

Photography by Kristine 

I thought I would share a few finds that have caught my eye lately and also have made 
my days a bit lighter! 

As I mentioned in my first post of 2018, I am trying to be mindful of the choices I make. The things I eat, how I am handling my emotions, my water intake and working on not taking things so personally. 

I am finding journaling is helping with balance in my life. I get to write out (or type) my days. I have found a few ways that are new to me that I wanted to share with all of you!


The first is the DAY ONE journal app on my mobile device. I am treating this as a "a few lines a day journal" and trying to add a photo with each new post. I look forward to scrolling through the year and see how far I have come by December!
(Google Play for download)


The second is WUNDERLIST yet another mobile device app. If you are a list-maker, this may be just what you need! It is a great place to make different lists for all your To-Do's in life. Once you complete the task, you click the box it places a line through the task and disappears off your list!


The third is Lavendaire's (You Tube Personal Self Growth & Lifestyle Vlogger) 2018 ARTIST OF LIFE WORKBOOK. I have been following her videos on You Tube and now I am using her workbook for personal goal setting. If you watch her channel, she wants us to be mindful of continuing to learn and grow. She also wants us to track our progress. I highly recommend this beautiful book!


The books photographed above have also brought me inspiration!
If you are interested in them, let me know and I would love to give you my thoughts! 

I do hope these ideas bring some inspiration into your life!

I would love to hear what you use to plan, dream & create during your days!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Learning From The Best ...

Photography by Kristine Jan 2018


As I sat sipping a coffee while watching Annie Leibovitz's MasterClass, I decided to take out my camera and shoot the photo above. Just so you know, the blur was intentional. It captured the moment as it felt to me. Present. Real. 

I wanted to document this moment. I wanted to remember learning from the best. I have followed Annie's work for many years, but learning from her experiences has been eye opening. This class was down to earth, creative not technical. Sure, she speaks of the technical side of the craft, but mostly what moves her. What inspires her. This is what motivates me. She speaks of the composition outweighing all else. 

I will take away many thoughts from this class going forward and use these techniques in my own work. 

What inspires you?

#annieleibovitzmasterclass #annielebovitz #famousfemalephotographer #photographyismypassion #photography

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Year In Photos ... 2017

#yearinphotos #yearlyphotomemories #memories #remembrances #originalphotography

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Another Year ...

Photography by Kristine 

Another Year

Coffee mornings & wine nights
Kid-like highs & heartbreaking lows
Many conversations & great belly laughs
Family moments & lasting memories 
Enjoyable movies & page turning books
Unexpected moments & baffling disappointments
Different hopes & revised dreams
Wide smiles & lifelong tears
Adapting to new schedules & late dinners
Busy days & quieter evenings 

Dec 2017 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays To All ...

Photography by Kristine 

Merry Christmas To My Family & Friends 
Wishing You Health & Happiness, Always 

Looking forward to writing more in 2018 ...
Until Then ...

Much Love,

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Photography by Kristine 


A season that arrives each year
One I never tire of 
Like an old friend returning
Leaves dancing across the street
Crisp cool air across my face 
Layers of clothing to wear
Opening the door to the scent of comfort food
Football games to watch
Enjoying time with family and friends
A time that never lasts long enough 

Kristine Dubuque Ortega
October 1, 2017