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Happy New Year To All !!!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! As I enter into this new decade, I become more mindful of the small changes that can bring about large choices.  NEW YEAR PRACTICES As one who does not believe in resolutions, I have been thinking of better practices that we can all attempt, in hope of making our planet a healthier one.  Here are a few changes we could try: Minimize paper products Be mindful of reusable water bottles  Research rechargeable batteries instead of replacements Use bar soap instead of body wash plastic bottles Consider a wooden toothbrush instead of plastic  Think of a quality metal razor opposed to disposables Make your own air fresheners with essential oils & water Small changes can make a difference!  Can you think of other ways to improve our surroundings?  Happy 2020, Everyone !!! 

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A Year In Photos ...




Cranberry Chutney Candles  Homemade Beef Stew  Football Games  Crisp Air Fluffy Socks  Hot Chocolate Watching Scary Movies  Fall Photography  Picking Pumpkins  Leaves Skimming Across the Street
What is your favorites for Fall? 

Let's Talk ... Transparency

Photography by Kristine



Learn to pronounce noun noun: transparency; plural noun: transparencies 1. the condition of being transparent.

"the transparency of ice" synonyms:translucency, lucidity, pellucidity, limpidness, limpidity, glassiness,
liquidity, clearness, clarity; 
rare transpicuousness "the transparency of the dew on a rose"

Summer Update ...

It has been a short while, so I thought I would catch you up on what has been happening! 
Summer began with a few major surgeries (and worries) in our family. I am happy to say we are on the other side, observing small steps to better health. We still have a few more hurdles to go, but we are able to see the finish line. We are so grateful!

In the chaos of it all, I have tried to "stay in the moment". I have been taking a few photos to notice the simple things around me to keep me grounded.

Photography by Kristine 
I have also been making an effort to "up" the number of books I read this year. My current count is 16. I have set a goal of "50" books by year end. My new found love is audio books. I have to admit, I was the one that said they would never be a good fit for me. I stand corrected. I realize there is a debate on if audio books are "really reading" compared to holding a physical book - But neither here or there, it is an enjoyable way t…

Book Depository Meets ... BookTube

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I am sure if you are an avid reader you are more than familiar with Book Depository! They offer an incredible array of online books! BookTube is also a fun place to watch book reviews of old favorites and to uncover new ones!

We all have our escapes at the end of a long day - Here are a few of mine!

I usually find myself watching some of my favorite BookTubers (Easiest Way For Beginners: Go To and then type in a BookTubers Name in the search box that create videos reviewing their favorite books. These videos can range from Favorite Books of The Year to One Book Reviews and everything in between. I find their insight enjoyable and informative. They review a full spectrum of books from Non-Fiction to Fiction to Mystery to Horror to Self Help Etc. They each have their own spin with their channels and I have found many that are worth a watch and listen!

I would like to "Shout Out" the following channels:

A Girl …

Things I Have Learned ...

Photography by Kristine
Things I have learned over the years …
Going back to basics brings clarity Believe in yourself At times, you need to stand alone Stand up for those who do not have a voice Water intake is so essential  Magnesium calms the body  Listening to your intuition never fails  Let things go, they just weigh you down  Reading is a wonderful way to end the day  Pay attention to what your body is telling you  Time is the best gift that can be given  Moderation is key  Photography captures the moments that may have been lost  Silence reveals the answers you are search of  Nature is the best medicine  Choose your battles wisely  Listen to the voices of experience  Be a note taker when learning new things   Never stop dreaming  Be grateful for the small things 
Good people share their knowledge 
Never take anyone for granted  Tomorrow will always be better  A good night sleep makes a world of difference  Try to have something to look forward to  It all comes down to choice  Be Kind! 
What has the past y…