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Friday, August 24, 2012

I Heart Books ...

As I am sure, most of you are familar with the website - This is where the above the photo was found. It amazes me that I had no desire to read anything more than assigned while I was in school, and now I cannot have enough books!

I am currently reading WILD MIND - Living The Writer's Life by Natalie Goldberg. I am loving it. I just finished WRITING DOWN THE BONES by this same author. I enjoy her style of writing. I need to research her backlist. 

What are you reading now? What fuels your creative spirit? What genres do you find yourself going back to, time and time again?


  1. Thanks to a cyber♥s blog, I found and amazing new book..."Leonardo's Swans by Karen all things Leonardo and I love history..( herstory is more interesting ) I am a character watcher, and I love how each person has a story to tell...........♥Debi

    1. Hi Debi - So great to hear from you - I will have to look into this great new find of yours - Listening to new stories always brighten my day, as well ... Enjoy <3 Kristine