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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letters Across the Miles



Dear Jennifer,

Hoping you are enjoying the Start of Summer! 

Our Annual "Kick Off to Summer Maine Get-Away" was an enjoyable one! The weather was not with us, but we did manage to jet out in between the raindrops for dinners, a  movie, and a few coastal rides. I do miss seeing the ocean after a long Winter, so the first visit is always a great treat. We enjoyed a few beverages along the way and of course had our fill of seafood. I enjoyed hearing you work at Chili's? I have to say, this is a fallback place for us, knowing we will always be satisfied - It was a great place to watch The Bruins game!

Please tell me about your upcoming trip to Chicago ... I am all ears ... So the two of you are trying to visit as many different ballparks as you can, Right? How many have you seen so far? I love how this is a journey you can take together ... Keep me updated!

Thank you for mentioning LOVE NOTES, I would like to join in, I am placing this on my "To-Do List" - I would love to be a part of this fine way of communicating!

How did your date night with the three little girls go? Ohhh, If we could only keep that "try anything demeanor" throughout life, Right? I think we should push each other to try and get back to that, What do you say?

You mentioned in your last writing if you could go back and flip the switch to when we "Lived Without Fear" of trying new things etc ... I feel the same way as you do, once the fear of getting hurt,   what others think, or of failing come into play - It ruins the childhood ways we grew up with.

Looking forward to more Summer days and nights of good company, wine and being outdoors! 

Sending many hugs from Massachusetts!


Be sure to check Jennifer's blog, "Giggling in the Rain" for her letter back to me next week ... 

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