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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moment of Reflection ...

The past few months have been ones of reflection and loss for my family and I. We are living a new way of life. One without a husband, son and brother. It has been two months, at times it feels like two days, other times - two years. Still unsure of how we have braved these months. Actually, I do know - From the love of wonderful family and friends. I am not usually this candid, but I wanted to be honest with all of you. This is where I have been. Some days keeping busy, but breaking down either in the early mornings or late evenings. Some days, the tears come without warning. I feel we are all healing, but in different ways. I write daily, as my therapy. I also visit the pond down the street (a pondering thought with the photo above) when I can. This is where I ask the harder questions. Hoping for answers I will never receive but I am hopeful. Life continues for all of us, carrying him with us each day ...


  1. Kristine I can only hope that it will get easier with time, and that you my friend will find the peace and strength. having you in my thoughts. xoxo!

    1. Sonja - Thank You SO Much for your kind words and thoughts ... It is a journey ... Not one I ever saw coming ... One that I hope will become easier in time ... Thanks for thinking of me, Dear Friend Xo