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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, Everyone ...

Another Year is Behind Us ... 

If I look over this past year ...

I ...
 Worked at a few new companies 
Made some great new friends
 Expanded my writing, poetry and photography
 Learned so much about family and myself 
Was invited to be on a talk radio show reading my original poetry
 Took a few wonderful online creative courses
 Grateful for a few local getaways 
Enjoyed a reunion with my first cousins 
 Created some new memories
Celebrated my Mom's 70th Birthday All Together in Maine
 Experienced Our Deepest Loss

All of these events have made me more mindful of what really matters ... 

I have acquired a better understanding of "Letting Go" & "Acceptance" ... 

Wishing my Family & Friends All the Best In the New Year! 


  1. Kristine, wishing you a blessed New Year, looking forward to sharing some of your creative journeys this year, blessings for the weekend.

    1. Amanda -- Wishing you and your family a Wonderful New Year -- I wil also enjoy seeing what you are up to in the coming year ... Xo