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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Notes ...

Spring is upon us and it is a season I think all New Englanders were anxiously awaiting.

Spring and Fall seem to be my favorites - But Spring is short-lived here. We are out of a Winter coat and seldomly need another for many months to follow. 
Welcome to New England!

These days I am loving song lyrics ... I cannot get Bruno Mars out of my head ... Or some of the other pop hits on the radio ... They inspire me with my own writing ... I listen carefully to the lyrics during my ride to work in the morning ... Great way to start the day ...

I am also working in the city again - So I notice things along the walk to my office building ... Words written in the cement, gold or silver engravings in certain walkways, signs, fence posts, engravings in buildings etc ... I plan to take my camera with me to work and see how many great pics I can gather in a 5 minute walk ... I am thinking, Many!

What have you "Noticed" lately?


  1. It's interesting how may things we see when we want to see them. If I think about hearts, I often see many, everywhere - in a shape of a leaf, in my coffee, in a shape of a rock...everywhere!
    What I've been noticing lately is Nature coming alive again after Winter, giving us it's beauty, lovely smells and colors. My favorite time of the year - Spring. :)

    1. So wonderful to hear from you, Sonja - Yes - I agree - It seems the universe is listening when we think of things, they suddenly start to appear to us - On truck's passing us by, or on a sign we pass etc ... Yes, Spring has arrived here, as well ... Tulips are popping up, red ones in my front yard, yellow ones in my back yard ... Spring is lovely!