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Friday, February 28, 2014

Thoughts Before Coffee ...

My Original Photography

As I awoke this morning, I was thinking about the day ahead.
Being thankful to be alive. Welcoming the daylight. 

I have days I have to take a walk to hold back tears.
Other times I feel I could rule the world.
I find myself listening to others who struggle.
Retreating back into my own life,
grateful to realize some of my choices were made well.
I find some days I could go without being "outwardly friendly".
but then I find myself missing that part of me.

Some days I can feel my heartbeat in my hands.
Slowing down in the evening after a full day, just writing.
I always knew I loved words and letters.
For awhile now, they have become like friends.
Gathering together, and becoming something meaningful.

Other days, I just think -- Of family who came before me.
How alike I am to those I wish I had the chance to meet.
I think of the talks we could have had, what I could have learned.
I look forward to meeting them, One Day.

Yet, Other days I wonder where I will be in a few years time.
Where I will be living, the experiences I will have.
Time spent with my family and friends, creating new memories. 
The people I will meet. The job I will arrive at each day.
The new photographs that will be taken,
and new blog posts that will be written.

I hope I am fortunate enough to live to be older, to experience
more and take in much of the beauty that has yet to be seen. 


  1. Kristine, I could have written this so spoke to the my heart. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. Deborah -- Thank you so much for writing -- Makes me happy to know others can relate to the steps I am taking in this life -- So glad we connected!

  2. I agree with Deborah, I could have written this post. I think that is the beauty of this many people will be able to relate to it. Not only were the words and thoughts wonderful but the gentle and beautiful way it was written as well.

    1. Daisy -- I so appreciate your heartfelt words. You truly have made me realize why I write this blog. Many Thanks!