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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Mornings ...

My Original Photography 

Saturday Mornings

Sipping my coffee in my living room
Thoughts of the upcoming weeks swirling in my head
At peace knowing I have done the best I can
The washing machine is going, preparing for a new week
A favorite movie, Julie & Julia is in the background
One of our cats gives a howl to let himself be known
Comfy clothes replace dress pants and tops
Our street hums with passing cars
The house feels warm and comfortable
No time restraints, no deadlines
A phone call to my folks to check in
Perfect afternoon for a nap
Rainy day in New England
Three Words
Home Sweet Home


  1. Sista. Nice way to spend a Saturday. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!!!xo

  2. I stumbled on your site when I wrote a comment on Simply Hue. You comment was above mine and I decided to check out your site and I am glad I did! I also have a photo/art blog at Mine is work-in-progress and this site has given me inspiration! Love you photos and words! I also am a New Englander (NH) and love how you show
    the gratitude for the simple and ordinary things on a Saturday morning on this post. And thankfully it was rain and not more snow!!

    1. Thanks So Much For Visiting, Debbie ... We are practically neighbors ... Loving your blog ... Continue sharing your inspiration!