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Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Love -- Day Thirty ...

Dear Kristine,
I am writing to tell you it will be alright. Knowing you, better than anyone I have many hopes for you. Grow more confident in who you are.  Stay Strong. Breakdown when you need to. Stay true to yourself. You will blend in as an old soul in this modern world. Bend but never waver. Never lose faith. Believe in your way of thinking. Accept who you are. Move through this life with more ease. You have it in you. Dig deep and you will find it. Use the qualities you have been given. Know that you have come a long way. You have already found your passions, continue to work on them. Show the world the smile that gets you compliments, and laugh that is contagious. I think we need more of that. You will find your niche, give it time. You will never be without worry, but you will adapt better. You will always have a guardian angel through the difficult times. Your future looks bright, continue to be you - and you will get there!