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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My New Inspiration!

This is my "New Inspiration" ~ I have been trying to broaden my creative ways, so I purchased a Buddha Board (a board you can paint on with water and a paintbrush - and your image erases minutes afterwards, so you can create again ...). I am thinking of finding a special place in my office for it, so I can try new images, phrases etc on a daily basis!

I have also been interested in mixed media and collage. I have ordered some books from many wonderful artiststs on Facebook that have gotten my creative juices really flowing! I am anxious to start to create ...


  1. Where did you get your Buddha Board, I'm totally intrigued! How are you liking it?
    (when you first posted a pic of it, I thought it was the name/banner for your new blog. works for that too.)

    Can't wait to take this journey with you. "Inner Excavation" is my new fave book and seems like you're right up it's alley! Bestest of luck to you.

  2. Hi Patty Anne ~ I ordered my Buddha Board on ~ I have also seen it featured on Art Store websites ~ I have tried my hand at a few different images, it is fun and inspirational - I want to find a nice place for it in my office, so I can put an image up anytime I want! Yes, Inner Excavation is in my favorite pile right now, along with Diana Trout's Journal Spilling, Pam Carriker's Art at the Speed of Life, Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab & Susan Tuttle's Digital Expressions ... Love all these creative ideas that offer such inspiration! Thanks for joining my blog, means alot - What is your specialty? Photogrpahy? Painting? Drawing? Crafts? Would love to hear what your interests are ...

  3. I haven't seen the Buddha board before. What a great concept. It fosters non-attachment. Have fun with your new books on mixed media. What I love about mixed media is that anything GOES!