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Friday, October 28, 2011

Childhood Essay for Poetry Friday ...

As I rode my bike down the street, through the small path I remember the feeling of being free. I remember not wanting to go too fast, afraid that I would lose traction with the thin wheels that supported my 10 speed bicycle. The cool air blowing against my face made me feel like I could do anything, it was invigorating. I wondered if this feeling would last forever.

While riding, questions would come into my mind of where will I be in twenty years? Will I be in an Executive office? Will I be driving, or using a train to get to work? Will I be making a lot of money? Who will I be working for? My little mind would wonder from thought to thought with no limitations. The world was my oyster.

I think riding my bike made me think that I had a superpower, that at any given moment I would be able to levitate off the ground and just take off to anywhere I wanted, become like a bird with wings. I would soar above everyone taking part in their daily lives; watching people walk into their office building, bringing their children to daycare, others going for morning coffee …


  1. As a kid we were always outside on our bikes. Back then that's what you did if you wanted to get anywhere. Our families had one car. If mom needed the car she would take dad to work.

    Later in life I got back on a bicycle and became instantly addicted because biking made me feel powerful during a time when I was feeling vulnerable and like I had no control over my life. Remembering, it was in my late 30s-early40s, the children were grown and on their own, my husband had a job where he was out of town every week, my desire to make art evaporated- so, I got on my bike and started a new life.

  2. Yes, I have many childhood memories bike riding - Just as you have, Elizabeth - Loved my 10 Speed - It took me everywhere I wanted to go - I am so glad you reclaimed the feeling of being "free" later on in life - So happy for you regaining this for yourself - So glad we connected!