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Friday, November 4, 2011

Front Yard Flamingos - Poetry Friday ...


Every holiday, we start to wonder
What is the story to be told?
You may think it is a blunder
But we tend to look at him as bold

Ten or so holidays to get them out
Those little birds with silver sticks
We can count on this, without any doubt
What else could he throw into this mix

The May Pole will ultimately give them a jiggle
June will bring out the colorful spinners
July they have sunglasses, gives us a giggle
Fun to see, I think they are all winners

During the cold months they have their places
He sets them on snow banks , oh so high
The surprise to us is they still show their faces
As many people stop as they drive by

Someday – I hope to meet him – If I can
Around the corner and down the street
Perhaps I will see him, walking with my man
Making our neighborhood interesting and complete


  1. What a delightful poem !

    Anytime I see boldness, roaming the streets of my neighborhood, it makes me smile : All is right with the world !

  2. Thank you so much, Elizabeth ~ I actually submitted this one to our local newspaper and they decided to print it - A small feeling of being published - Yes, All is right in the world when this like this happen - Happy Weekend, Dear Friend!

  3. I have to share this with my Mom, she LOVES flamingoes. Thanks! :-)

  4. I would love for you to share this with her, Sonya - This was great fun to write about!